Tuesday, August 08, 2017

If I Ever Do You Wrong...

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If I Ever Do You Wrong.. | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. I am now already at home. Last Thursday, which was also my last day at school before my confinement leave, my family came to fetch me back to Kelantan. Took earlier leave as suggested by the specialist at Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah, Muar. She was quite worried when I told her that I was going back to Kelantan on 12 Aug as the upcoming week was already my 37th week. Who would want to deliver a baby in a car in the middle of a lonely dark road. Just imagining it gives me chill..

I cannot thank my family enough when they were willing to come all the way to Johor from Kelantan just to have me to deliver my baby in my hometown. No experienced driver, only my future brother in law depending on Google Map to reach my house. Alhamdulillah, everything went well as planned. Actually, I asked them to come to my house because they have never been there since I moved to Johor in March this year. I wanted them to see how I am living my life with my beloved husband. Plus, I don't want to trouble Nik to go back twice as the school holiday is just another 2 weeks away. I could always come back by bus but, being a beloved eldest daughter, of course they had to come fetch me. Kih3

My family arrived at my house at 12.30 am and I was so much happy to have them at my house. Nik was probably more excited than me as he was the one who stayed up late to tidy up and prepare their room when I was already deep in my sleep, snoring. I am so glad that my husband shows how important my family is to him, how much he wants them to feel comfortable in our house. That way, I will of course be a better daughter in law to his family too. What you give, you get back.In fact, you will get perhaps 10x better. Insya Allah.

During the short visit of my family in Muar, we went to few places. We ate satay, then went to Pantai Leka. I marinated chicken for our picnic. After Jumaat prayer, we went for barbeque at Air Terjun Gunung Ledang. Then, we went to eat roasted fish at Sabak Awor. We We had great fun spending limited time together. Bu, there was one thing that really affected me. It was when my brother, Amir and sister, Hana, saying something about what Nik and I wore every day and every night. They actually noticed that we were always wearing clothes with same colour.

Amir : Parop. Hari-hari baju warna sama.
Muja : Tak rancang pun la.

Amir did not believe me. He teased me for not realising what Nik has been doing for me, how he shows his affection, how bad I am for complaining all the time. Then only I noticed that my husband did wear same colour of his shirts after seeing me in my clothes. I felt like crying. I felt guilty for not noticing! I always have this feeling that my husband has changed a lot since our wedding, how he had stopped requesting matching clothes after getting married. Come to think of that, now, he does not have to. He can just pick his shirt after seeing me in my cloth. How silly I am!

The first night, we were in purple. That morning, I wore grey skirt and he wore grey shirt. That evening, we wore red shirt. The second night, we were in pink. Wowww. I really thought it was just a coincidence this whole time and my sibling came and opened my eyes. Despite all the negative thoughts in my head all this time, my husband is still the same Nik, that never gives up hope when we face relationship problems, that always wants to wear matching clothes every time we go for a date, that will wake up when I have leg cramp at night.

Sorry Abg for always,
not realising the efforts you have put for the sake of our marriage
not acknowledging enough all your sacrifices done for our family
not realising your ways of showing your love to me and our future child
not being grateful enough for what we already have
complaining about things you do and don't do
demanding things that are not really you to give
thinking that you have to give more than what you have given
comparing what our life with others' just because they post theirs on social media
forgetting that Allah gives us what we need instead of what we want

I am so sorry for everything done wrongly or not done correctly, inside and out, visible and invisible, known and unknown, open and close, said and secret. I don't know what we have in store in the future, but one thing for sure, I will always love you and pray for the best of us three; you, me and our child. Insya Allah. Abg, it is so scary now to always think about delivering our baby. I am so scared if I cannot stand the pain, if you may not be beside me in the labor room, if I am to face complications. What if I fail to have made it safely? Please, forgive me and halalkan everything.

To all people out there, who know me or not know me,
if i ever do you wrong, please forgive me.
if i ever not pay money I owe, please inform me.
if i ever eat your food and take your things without your permission, please halal me.
if anything, like anything I do to you which is wrong, please, forgive me. Message me if you want to have personal conversation whatsoever.

ps- feeling emotional at all time nearing labor. pray for me and my baby. :')

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Tip Bedak Padat Tahan Lama, Tidak Merekah dan Bercapuk - Joliez Cosmetics Compact Powder

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Tip Bedak Padat Tahan Lama Pada Wajah- Joliez Cosmetics Compact Powder | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. Korang tahu tak yang bedak padat yang berkualiti boleh buat mekap korang nampak flawless. Bila mekapnya flawless, kita punya muka pun jadi lawa. Kalau yang lagi power, yang kusam pun boleh nampak gebu macam kulit bayi tau. Sebab tulah, jangan pilih mekap hentam keromo. Kang menyesal macam aku dulu. Sobbsss.

tip mekap tahan lama, joliez cosmetics, bedak pada joliez, joliez compact powder

Satu masalah dengan mekap, Tak Tahan Lama! Sakit hati betul kalau dia mula nampak cakey, nampak melekit. Paling haru kalau makin ke tengah hari, makin berminyak. Masa tu memang geli tengok diri sendiri. Muehehe. 

Tip Bedak Tahan Lama Berjam-jam Tanpa Merekah dan Bercapuk

Disebabkan kebaikan hati aku hari ni, aku nak share dengan korang tip untuk buat bedak korang tahan lama.
  1. Mulakan mekap dengan menggunakan toner, pelembap, serum dan minyak muka supaya kulit mendapat cukup kelembapan.
  2. Gunakan foundation untuk menutup cela pada wajah dan tekapkan foundation menggunakan beauty blender. Elakkan menarik foundation semasa meratakannya pada wajah. 
  3. Jika tidak menggunakan foundation, lembapkan span mekap terlebih dahulu sebelum mengenakan bedak pada wajah.
  4. Jika menggunakan berus, layangkan bedak pada hujung berus sahaja supaya foundation tidak bergerak dan kulit tidak berminyak. Foundation juga akan tahan lebih lama.
  5. Gunakan spray mekap untuk mengekalkan kelembapan kulit supaya mekap tidak merekah dan akan tahan lebih lama.
  6. Kalau berpeluh, tekapkan span bedak pada wajah. Jangan tarik span pada wajah kalau tak nak mekap jadi bergaris dan kulit muka cepat berkedut.

Compact Powder Joliez Cosmetics- Murah Tapi Berkualiti

Memperkenalkan JOLIEZ Cosmetics Compact Powder yang terbaru di pasaran. Bedak ini mampu menyamarkan noda pada kulit wajah dan menampakkan tekstur kulit kelihatan lebih halus,cerah dan mengurangkan efek berkilau akibat daripada wajah yang berminyak.

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Kod Warna Joliez Cosmetics Compact Powder

Bedak padat daripada Joliez Cosmetics didatangkan dengan 2 kod warna yang sangatlah cantik iaitu
  1. White Doll untuk kulit cerah
  2. Natural Beige untuk kulit sawo matang.
Bila ada pilihan warna macam ni, senanglah kita nak pilih warna yang sesuai dengan tona kulit muka kita ni. Tak delah jadi macam tahi cicak kalau muka terlebih putih, tangan tergelap. Ekekeke.

joliez cosmetics, bedak padat joliez, joliez compact powder

Kelebihan Joliez Compact Powder

Compact Powder Joliez Cosmetics mempunyai banyak kelebihan. Setiap kelebihan dia ni penting kalau kita nak hasil yang nampak flawless dan tak nampak macam pakai bedak lima hengget. Siap boleh lindung daripada sinaran bahaya Matahari lagi.

  • Mampu menyerap lebihan minyak pd wajah
  • Tekstur bedak yang ringan
  • Mengandungi uv protection
  • Memberikan hasil mekap yang halus tanpa kilauan 
  • Mekap yang sangat tahan lama
  • Boleh jadikan alas bedak atau bedak biasa
  • Boleh guna span lembab atau kering 

 Testimoni Pengguna Compact Powder Joliez Cosmetics

Compact Powder Joliez dah jadi pilihan ramai tau sebab bedak padat yang satu ni memang berkualiti dan buat wajah kita tampil cantik dan flawless. Jom tengok hasil mekap guna Joliez Compact Powder.

Dapatkan Bedak Padat Joliez Cosmetics Hari Ini

Harga Joliez Compact Powder adalah RM38. Sangat murah. Sangat berbaloi. Tambah-tambah lagi kalau untuk produk yang berkualiti macam ni tau. Jangan lupa singgah di Facebook Joliez Cosmetics untuk berita terkini dari hq. 

Ada live makeup tutorial oleh MUA hebat dorang share. Bolehlah korang belajar mekap lelawa di Facebook dorang nanti. Kalau dah tak sabar sangat, hubungi nombor Whatsapp 0139635343/0196315442 untuk menempah. compact powder Jolies Cosmetics ni. 

Call dan order terus. Esok lusa sampai depan pintu. Bestnya!

ps- dorang ada jual soft lip matte jugak tau. berdebar-debar hati bila tengok warna lip cream cecantik gitu. T_T

Friday, July 28, 2017

Hasil Mekap 5 MUA Terkenal Ni Memang Woww!

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5 Mua Terkenal dan Viral Kegemaran Ramai Yang Korang Wajib Kenal Kalau Korang Peminat Mekap Tegar Macam Aku | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. By the way, today is Friday and tak semena-mena, Nik kena pergi sekolah for kelas tambahan. So, I was literally alone and bored. Tetiba rasa nak update pasal 5 MUA yang memang korang kena kenal kalau korang peminat makeup. Tak kisahlah baru nak minat macam aku or dah lama minat or minat tapi buat-buat tak minat macam a lot of girls I know, korang kena kenal dorang. Likers beratus ribu. Kemahen! Nanti bolehla korang melangut depan hp korang tengok dorang punya live makeup videos berjam-jam. Yeah, that is me currently.

Aku jarang bagitahu yang aku memang penggemar mekap. Kalau follow ig aku, korang tahu la kot. To those yang kenal aku masa sekolah mungkin gonna find this hard to believe but, believe it or not, believe it. Aku terpaksa mengaku yang I am now kinda a makeup addict walaupun masih lagi kedekut nak beli barang mekap. Masih lagi pilih yang aku rasa paling berbaloi dan murah di Guardian dan Watsons. And yeah, I have never stepped my foot in Sephora yet. Eh, tetiba, rasa macam tak layak lagi kot nak gelar diri makeup addict. -_____-

5 MUA Terkenal Ni Dah Buat Ramai Wanita Ketagih Mekap

Teringat pula masa aku pergi majlis kawin senior few years ago. There was this one senior. *Teringat terus tergelak ha ha ha inside. First time rasanya aku tertengok a real jaw dropping person in my whole life. Terkejut bebenor tengok aku and I dont know whether I should feel embarrassed by my makeup atau nak rasa happy kengkononnya aku MUNGKIN nampak sedikit lawa lepas mekap. It was just.. yeahh.. his mouth was open wide that time I should warn him that a fly may get inside his throat. No no. I did not do that. :D *continue laughing

1. Makeup by Bellaz

makeup by bellaz, makeup tutorial, mua terkenal di malaysia

Lets start with Bella. Aku memang minat sangat dengan MUA dari Kedah ni. Bella dah la pandai mekap. Mekapnya memang wallah! Inspirational pulak sebab dia bermula dari kosong suatu ketika dahulu. Sedih sangat time dia cerita kehidupan dia zaman muda. Eh, zaman dia lebih muda. Sekarang pun muda lagi. Mesra, pastu lawak pulak. Orang komen negatif kat video dia pun, dia tak mengamuk macam Sajat. Tak cover lebih. Sukalah aku dengar celoteh Bella ni dalam setiap live video dia. 

2. School of Makeup by Siti Nurfarahain

mua siti nurfarahain, mua terkenal di malaysia

Satu lagi MUA yang saaaangat lawa dari Kedah. Tak mekap pun dah lawa, lepas mekap lagilah meletops Si Farah ni! Time dia mekap tu, memang tak berenti coleteh ngan dialek Kedah sambil gelak ketawa. Terus nampak gigi besi dia. Tu dah trademark beliau. Tak de cover-cover. Dulu, Farah selalu share macam-macam tutorial mekap. Cikgu kelas mekaplah katakan. Sekarang, dah advance. Siap ada Set Kening 5 Minit dan jual contact Lens. 

3. Makeup by Teyn Athirah

mua teyn athirah, mua terkenal di malaysia

Teyn Athirah ni aku baru nak usya-usya. Best jugak dia punya makeup videos. Hasilnya memang kebabom. Selalu promote produk-produk mekap yang selalu beliau guna untuk dapatkan kesan mekap terbaik. Suaranya lembut, halus ja. Kena kuatkan sikit sound kat handphone korang k. Kulit Teyn memang cantik, putih melepak. Senangla nak flawless mekap beliau. Teyn ni suka speaking Mat Salleh tau. Jangan pandang MUA sebelah mata. I just love her!

4. Nur Syafinaz Utagha Touch

mua nur syafinaz utagha, mua terkenal di malaysia

Finaz memang tak perlu diperkenalkan lagi kalau dalam kalangan makeup addicts. Tengok nama pun dah jelas-jelas datang dari Kedah. Another one seriously?? Sekali buat live video, beribu ribanlah dok tengok Finaz depan laptop dengan handphone. Lepas tu, berpusu-pusulah yang cari produk yang Finaz guna masa mekap. Yelah, mana ada wanita suci macam iols ni tak sukakan kecantikan. Rela berhabis tau. Finaz ni antara orang yang sudi ajar secara free. Kita pun tengok jelah.

5. Nisa Touch Makeup Artist

mua nisa touch, tutorial mekap, mua terkenal di malaysia

Ok, ni buat aku makin pissed off sikit. Yang last pun masih lagi MUA hebat dari Kedah??? Sokay. Tak kisahlah dari negeri mana. Yang penting, mekap Nisa Touch memang antara yang meletop kebabom. Cakapnya sopan santun je. Tu yang orang suka tengok Nisa ajar mekap dalam live video. Isteri-isteri pun terus capai peralatan sama. Nak cantik untuk suamilah katakan. Memang tak menang tangan Nisa mekap pengantin kat utara sana. 


Cukuplah 5 MUA hebat dan terkenal yang aku nak perkenalkan kat korang hari ni. Walaupun dorang ni makeup artists untuk pengantin dan kelas mekap, not yet for artis-artis macam Uqasha or Fathia, aku tetap nak ambil peluang ni untuk berterima kasih kat dorang sebab sudi buat live makeup tutorial videos untuk ajar mekap secara percuma!  Yes, FREE OF CHARGE online makeup class untuk orang yang kurang ongkos macam aku ni. Padahal, bayaran untuk sorang peserta kelas mekap dorang, beratus-ratus hoiii!

Suami I tu, memang suka I mekap and he does not mind to give criticisms and opinions lepas aku dah siap mekap. Bolehlah aku tahu mekap mana yang paling beliau suka. Nik memang jenis tak kisah kalau aku tercongok tengok makeup tutorial. Kalau dia tak suka pun, I will still watch it kan? Oh ye, I have a question la untuk semua MUA di atas. Likers sampai beratus ribu tu, nak pergi mana? Kih3

Lepas tengok makeup tutorial daripada dorang, I can see the difference la on my makeup looks. Can say it gets better day by day la walaupun nak cakap tahap flawless glowing macam dorang punya tu idok lagi. Masih lagi bertepung. Masih lagi senget. Masih lagi bercapuk sana sini but, ok laa. I am not a MUA after all. Thanks to all the MUAs! Keep inspiring! I love you all! :D

Nak dapatkan produk mekap yang dorang guna? Korang boleh dapatkan CPG Cosmetics dengan menghubungi 01126947035. Semua produk CPG ada. Tinggal contact je.

ps- kenapa ek MUA hebat ramai dari Kedah? Bila lagi MUA dari Kelantan nak terkenal kat fb. Takkan tunggu aku kot..... *literally wondering


Monday, July 17, 2017

The First Hospital Experience

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Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. In the year 2017, this was actually my second experience getting admitted to the hospital. But, since I don't have the memory of my first time being admitted there of pneumonia, I consider July 2017 is my first experience.

This week had been challenging as I was infected with cough and flu at the same time. At school, I was feeling so very tired having to deal with cheeky pupils while carrying geting-bigger-and-bigger tummy. Then, on Wednesday, at around 4 a.m., the coughing got very bad I felt something liquid-like substance running down my leg. It was water-like substance. Immediately I thought,"Am I giving birth tonight??? I was so nervous as I thought it was amniotic fluid!

Ummi came to mind. Being her, at 4 am still awake. Alhamdulillah. Told her what happened and she asked me to go to the nearest Klinik Kesihatan as soon as possible. Went to Klinik Kesihatan Parit Bakar but closed. So, Googled Hospital Muar then went straight to Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah. Thanks Google Map. You have done your job well.

Really guys, if you or your wife is pregnant, get to know the nearest KK or hospital to go to even though you are planning to give birth in other place. Don't be like me. I just know KK Parit Bakar, and KD Parit Keroma. I thought I dont have to know other medical centres or hospitals just because I am planning to give birth in Kelantan. Silly me.

My last meal in the hospital. They really need to add more salt and sugar into their food. #toohealthytobetrue

Reached there, straight to the Emergency Room. Those 2 workers on duty told us to go straight to the Labour Room after telling them that I was 34-week pregnant. It just scared me to death hearing the phrase, Labour Room. There, the Indian guy doctor carried out PSE to check the 'path'. Was quite embarrassed but my child's and my safety is more of my concern at that time. The doctor was confused with the liquid sample he got that I was admitted to Ward 13 for monitoring process.

So, that was the start of my first experience 0f 3-day stay in a hospital. Cough + Flu + Suspected Leaking.  -_-

Alhamdulillah. I finally got the rest and peace I crucially needed. The doctors and nurses there were very good. I felt so loved and taken care of. Every few house, the nurse would come and check my blood pressure and my baby's heart beat. I was also given food and pills at appropriate time, BUT still, I felt hungry in between the time. -_-

Laying on the hospital's 'comfy' bed, I managed to get few customers too. Some wanted MBBI book, and others wanted CPG products. I deserved a self reward for that so I had some shopping on Chilindo.Com (supposed to get all the items I bid today) that cost me only RM62 for quite a handful stuff. It would be my last time shopping there I guess. No specific reason. By the way, I really enjoyed the air-conditioned room for 4 even it did make my flu last longer than it should be. #sigh

I was discharged on Friday and alhamdulillah, I got 2 days MC. Thank you doctor for understanding my needs and being my life saviour. That will give the flu and cough more time to heal. Yesterday, the hospital called. The result of the fluid had come out. I was diagnosed with GBS. So, have to make an appointment for that. I hope everything goes well as we always hope for.

"Dear Baby Nik,
Keep moving actively in my tummy so that I can kill the longing of you. Having you really helps me kill the loneliness I am feeling being far from my dearest friends; Ain, Amirah, Azizi, Bahij, Fadhil and Fadzrul. I can't wait for you to be out of my tummy, crying loud telling people that you are now in the world to conquer, and be in my arms to be the sign of glory of giving birth to another Muslim hero. I can't wait for you to listen to my heartbeat and give warmth to my cold body. 

Please, be hurry. T_T"

ps- Tomorrow, I will start anew with 'schooling' with my pupils. I really hope an almost a week out of work will turn out to be something good. I don't want to be an always-angry teacher anymore. #habitsdiehard

It Does Not Mean It Does Not Hurt

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Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. When we pour our heart out to somebody, we usually get this kind of response, 'Look at those whose life is worse than yours. Then only you will feel grateful.'

I don't deny that to be true but still, it does not mean what we are going through in our life does not hurt. When we say things, when we tell things to somebody, it is just that we want to be heard because being heard is enough to make things feel better even does not really heal.

'What would hurt that much laa' said those who have family close to them, who have friends to go out with them, who have money to use at shopping malls, who have nice beds to sleep on and other good things needed in life.

Let me tell you.

Being far from family and close friends hurts.
Having nobody to look upon to hurts.
Having nobody to talk to hurts.
Having nobody to listen to hurts.
Having to fake happiness hurts.
Having to succumb sadness to ourselves hurts.
Living to live in control daily hurts.
Not being able to become ourselves hurts.
Not being understood hurts.
Being scolded everyday hurts.
Being humiliated everyday hurts.
Feeling underestimated by people hurts.
Feeling and being rejected everyday hurts. Yes, this hurts the most.

Yeahh, we are in grief, we tend to take good things we have for granted.
We have oxygen to breath it, be grateful.
We have food to eat, be grateful.
We have a house for a shelter, be grateful.
We have a car to move to places, be grateful.
We have colleagues to socialise, be grateful.
We have handphones to talk to family and friends afar, be grateful.
We have internet for entertainment, be grateful.

Yes, we should be grateful. Allow ourselves for 1 hour grief and live the moments in another 23. Work hard, play harder, pray the hardest. Usually, when I am in misery, I dont really ask for things from Him except for things to be the best they can be for me. That is because I am so afraid that if I go into details, I would ask for bad things which I may live my life regretting forever.

The same concept applies to saying things in the moment of anger. Just keep quiet as we may say things we don't really mean. Just continue to Istighfar and hope for things to get settled down as time really has the power in healing. Insya Allah.