Thursday, July 14, 2011

hey boy!!! do you remember????

masya Allah,,, ade gak budk prasan cmni!!! hahaha!!!!
jgn la ngumpat,,, spe lagi nk puji klu bkn diri sndiri,, T_T


mj nk tulis my first poem written by me since i first entered IPGKKB.
poem ni kna tulis for my ENGLISH STUDIES...
lecturernye Madam Rohaida...
she's kinda inspiring,,,
i like her honestly despite she asks me to do a lot of things,,, hehe..
but still,,, i like all the things she asks me to do,,,
poem ni mmg dtg dri ati mj sndiri
(wahhhh!!! vomit everyone!!!)
tpi mmg mj sntiasa trtnya2 r about all the questions written in this poem,,,
cme.. rngkp satu tu mmg tk logik la kan
sjk ble lak malaysia ade summer ngn winter???
err,,,, ade ke?? hmmm...

Hey boy!!! Do you remember??? by Nurmujahidah Ismail

hey boy today i wonder
whether you still remember

boy, do you remember
the first time we met in the summer
waiting eagerly for the winter
you ate my handmade bread and butter
we talked and laughed together

boy, do you remember
moments when we were happy and merrier
i called you boy you called me dear
oh how i loved your laughter
u made me feel better and better

boy, do you remember
i ran on the field, u cycled behind me
i turned back angrily, looking at you angrily
u smiled at me what a cutie!
grrr!!! will u stop chasing me????

but boy, now you are gone
I've no longer a shoulder to cry on
once we sang our first and last song
in the future there will be none
cuz you're not here anymore

but boy,,,, do you still remember????????????!!!!


  1. Wahhh..dah pandai berpoem sekarang ea..nak satu..buat untuk mieronne meyh

  2. ok,,, t mj wt for my special miron,, kih3