Tuesday, August 09, 2011

my first drama script!!! birthday!!!





Father (Bukhari)
Mother (Khalida)
Edward (Azmeer)
Angelina (Juni)
Mary (Dyah)
Helen (Kamini)
Uncle Jefferson (Hakim)
Grandmother (Laila)
Scene 1
Setting: Airport
Time: Day
Characters: Anne, mother, father, Edward.
Action: Anne walking towards her parents. parents waiting for their daughter at the entrance.

Anne: Wow!! I've been waiting for this moment for a long time.
Mother: (Hugging Anne) I know sweet. You've been there for four long years. I miss you a lot my dear.
Father: Yeah!! Lets go. Oh, so many bags!
Anne: Daddy, I'm hungry,,,
Father: Okay. We'll go straight to your favourite restaurant after this. You can order anything you want.
Mother: So generous today hmm?
Father: Of course ma. Anne is finally here with us.
Anne: Pa, ma. I love you!!! (BARNEY: I LOVE YOU)

Edward coming towards them. Parents walking away.

Anne: Hey Edward! You're late! (Angry)
Edward: I'm sorry honey. There was a heavy traffic jam on my way here. I'm sorry.
Anne: Whatever. Lame excuse. You're always late. I'm not surprised at all.
Edward: (Staring at Anne) Sorry. Hey, you look fat!
Anne: Hmm.. (Showing annoyed face)
Edward: Chill. I love you! (JUST THE WAY YOU ARE)
Anne: (Smiling) I love you too Edward. Would you like to join us to the restaurant?
Edward: Okay.

Scene 2
1. Setting: Living hall in Anne’s house, a flower pot, chairs, a table, calendar shows 3rd August 2011.
2. Time: Day
3. Characters: Anne, father, mother, Edward, Marie, Helen, Angelina.
4. Action: Anne on the sofa, hugging a pillow. Father sitting of the chair. Mother standing beside father.

Anne: Father, mother, I don’t want to go back to the village. My friends and I have planned a lot for my birthday. (Sour face, mocking,)
Father: (Stands up, walks near to Anne) No objections Anne. Your grandmother is missing you so much. We haven’t been visiting her for months now.
Mother: (walks to Anne, touches Anne’s hair, persuades) Anne, please. Try to understand and don’t object your father.
Father: Listen Anne. This is final. We’re going back to our hometown for your summer holiday next week. (Goes out of the room with mother, Anne remains on the chair.)

The bell rings. Edward, Angelina, Marie and Helen appear.

Edward: Knock! Knock! Knock! Is anybody home?
Anne walks to the door. Creak, sound of the door is heard.
Edward: Hype Anne. I’ve brought something for you (shows Anne a flower). Anne, why do you look so sad dear? What happened? (Anne remains quiet.)
Angelina: Anne. Don’t be like this. Please tell us. Don't you believe us anymore?
Mary and Helen: Anne, we are Helen and Mary, your forever best friend. We don’t keep secrets.
Anne: I am so sorry you guys. I have to go back to my village. My father insists. I can’t say no to his words. It looks like we have to cancel everything. I’m so sorry (cries, sad, looks down).
Edward: (looks at Anne) No Anne. No need to be sorry. You know I’ll be waiting for you here right? Don’t worry much dear. We’ll celebrate together once you are here. You know that I love you so much. Please don’t cry. I can’t bear to see your tears.
Anne: Thank you Edward. I love you too. Wait for me. I’ll be back soon. I promise.
Edward: I know Anne. I believe you.Hmm. I think we’ve to make a move now. It’s already late. Bye. (leave the house)

Scene 3
1. Setting: living hall in grandmother’s house
2. Time: Day evening.
3. Characters: Anne, grandmother, father, mother.
4. Action: Anne and grandmother hug each other. Father and mother stand watching them.

Grandmother: Oh Anne my sweetie. How long I’ve been waiting for you. Don’t you miss your old grandmother here anymore? (Sad, touched)
Anne: Grandma, please don’t say that. Of course I remember you. It’s just.. I’ve lots of works to do at home. Please don’t get hurt. I’m sorry.
Father: She always talks about you, Mom (stares at Anne, mocking).
Mother: Yes, Mom. She always tells me she misses your delicious food (smiles). Now, she can eat as much as she wants.
Father: Anne, go and put your bags in your room. Mom, we have to rush back to Westhampton and will come back home in a few days. I hope you don’t mind. There are few important things that we have to settle there. I’ll try to settle everything as fast as I can.
Grandmother: It’s ok. This is your house. You can come here anytime you want, son.
Father and mother shake and kiss grandmothers hands and go out of the house.

Anne moves to her room, puts her bag on the bed.

Anne: Now, I really hope that they won’t forget my birthday. Huh. Anyway, what can I do here? None of my friends is here too. No use to celebrate anything now (lies down on her bed with a pillow covering her face).

Scene 4
1. Setting: living hall, Anne’s bedroom, kitchen, calendar shows 17th August 2011.
2. Time: Early in the morning.
3. Characters: Anne, grandmother, Uncle Jefferson.
4. Action: Roosters crow, slow classical music playing, grandmother and Uncle Jefferson have a chit chat, Anne wakes up from her sleep.

Anne: (looks at the calendar) Oh my God! It’s my birthday! Yahoo!!! There must be my birthday cake in the kitchen! (Smiles merrily and runs to the kitchen.)
Anne: Where is my cake? Where is the food? (Shocked and hears grandmother saying something)
Grandmother: Anne, Uncle Jefferson is here. Please make drinks for us. (Looks at Uncle Jefferson)
Anne: Yes grandma! 

Makes the drinks, brings to the living hall, and serves the drinks very carefully. Grandmother keeps on watching.

Grandmother: Young people nowadays really like to wake up late. Look at our Anne here.
Uncle Jefferson: They don’t like to take a morning bath and brush their teeth too (mocks, grandmother giggles)
One of the cups slips and the drink spills on Uncle Jefferson.
Anne: Ouch! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to..
Grandmother: What a careless girl you are Anne! Tonight, you won’t have your dinner!

Anne gets up, and runs straight to the kitchen. She takes a candle and goes to her room. She sits on her bed.

Anne: It’s my birthday today but how come a birthday girl been treated like this. This is unfair! What an unfortunate girl I am. Isn’t it nice if I have Edward and my friends here? They won’t forget my birthday and definitely won’t treat me like this.
Anne lights up the candle in front of a mirror and sings the birthday song.
Anne: Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to myself, happy birthday to me. (Closes her eyes to make a wish)
Anne: I hope my Edward and friends will be here today (Blows the candle)

Anne goes to the living hall.

Anne: Where is everybody? Grandma! Grandma! Uncle Jefferson! (wanders around, to the kitchen and to her room and back to the living room)
The sound of the door being opened is heard, Anne looks at the door, shocked.
Everybody sings birthday song. Father is carrying a big pink cake. Mother is holding a big pink present. Anne burst into tears when seeing Edward and her other friends are there too. They carry foods and drinks. Grandmother leads at the most front.
Anne: Oh my God! All of you here are here? Pa? Ma? You really do this for me? Thank you a lot!!!
Mother: Of course this is for you darling. Today, you’re the only birthday girl here. And you are our only child, the one and only daughter.
Father: Anne, do you really think that we are going to forget your birthday? Have we ever been such forgetful when it is related to you?
Anne: Never pa. Never. I’m sorry for thinking like that. I thought everybody doesn’t love me anymore.
Grandmother: Who is this big clumsy girl, singing birthday song for herself crying. Ha ha. You sweet little darling. I can never let you starve. I will starve myself before make you suffer. Come here baby.
Anne: Grandma... tsk3... don’t do that again ok...
Edward: Uh! Anne, don’t you think you are forgetting us now?
Anne: Edward! Never say that. You all are always in my mind. You are my forever friends. How can I forget you? (crying)
Angelina: Blab la bla... I’m hungry. Who’s coming with me? I have fried noodles, fried chicken, and sweets here. Ha ha.
Mary and Helen: Me! Me! I want the biggest drumstick ok.
Everybody puts the stuff on the table and sings happy birthday song again. Ana blows the lighted candle. Everybody is happy. Curtain is closed. 

Edward and Anne in front of the curtain. Edward stands on his knees to propose Anne, showing her a ring in a red little box. Anne accepts the box. Both of them sing a duet song. (MARRY YOU, BRUNO MARS)

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