Tuesday, September 27, 2011


assalaamualaikum w.b.t. ahlan wasahlan wa marhaban bikum. :D

Hye hye hye (bertukar!!!)
Today,, er,,,
Now,, lets take a look at our latest annual-will-be event

(tak tau la btol ke tak,, main translate je aku ni,,)


It was held for 3 awesome days!!!

First day

Huh!! When I woke up, the first thing that occurred in my mind, 
what should i wear???
Omg!! I’m a newbie here,, please tell us somebody...

Many events and activities were held such as... 

1.    exhibition by the prison,, 
very scary to see the real rattan used to punish and the rope used sentence to death,, uuuu,,
2.       Singing competition for students and lecturers. 
It was so exciting to see people singing on the stage. 
Haha,, it brought me back to my old times.. :’( 
(tak join. Mukmin tak kasi. L)
3.       Football match.  
(red warrior pn ad datg tau.. kemain.. hehe)
4.       Rugby match.. they were so sexy and hot you know,, 
but it was kind of weird to see those skinny guys playing this tough hard game,, 
no offence guys,, hehe 
(a game played by gentlemen,,, the motto for IPGKKB’s rugby team.. huu)
5.       Volleyball match (inter ipg... i’m not really into it.. naah,,)
6.       Booths.. Shawls,, food,,, drinks.. and many more 
(batch muja jual roti bagai r jgk,, cari bajet)
7.       Nasyid competition for primary schools 
(congratulations to SK Pengkalan Chepa)
8.       Batik painting exhibition (ad gak aktiviti try lukis batik)
9.       Portrait exhibition
10.   Kompang formation

The most interesting part was we did not have to wake up as early as before 
as we had no class and most of the programs started at 8.00 am and above..
Ohhh.. we had a wonderful time during this carnival..
If i had time, i would sneak out to the library to check and view my blog
(yeah,, i know im addicted)
Enjoice the pictures!!

me and my beloved roommate, ain.

the scenery at the foyer in front of STUDENT'S WELFARE department during the portrait exhibition

the paintings were so damn cool peeps!!!

singing competition.. if im not mistaken,, 
this handsome boy was singing Patah Hati.. such a nice song..

scenery at the first floor,, the 'cheerleaders',, hehe

errr,,, i dont remember this one

wow!!! she was so amazing and sporting and many more,, 
she sang NIRMALA by Siti Nurhaliza!! 

this one was so interesting,, singing + drama performing,, 2 in 1 gitu,, huhu

she was so hot and gorgeous!!! her voice was so terrific!!

this is fiza,, my batch,, she was sporting and such a nice girl,,

candid candid and candid,, :D

pah and amy.. i love them both!!!

cute,, the cat,, ignore me,, crazy one..

suddenly i said, hoi,, nk amik gambar, then amy snap,, 
then budk ni chow,,tk tau la spe budk ni,, haha

me and ju ju ju ju!!!!

me and ju9x again,,

depression brings obsession,, err,, i dont know the meaning too.. dont ask,,

stressed out!!

happy,, tadi sdey,, ni happy plak,, fenin2,,

no comment

ain, mimi, muja, tgk buku ape yg scattered on the table?

nasyid,, on the third day

the winner!! SK PENGKALAN CHEPA!!!

ni rotan yang hukuman sebat kt penjara tu,, scarry movie btol!

pah excited tgk pameran by the prison.

one of the interesting arts,,

buaya2 kenit,,, hahahhaha,,,

these were so cooooool!!!!!!!!

tajuk bnda ni,, kunci2 kehidupan,, plek tak,, haha

tangan pah,

very nice!! i like this pic!

my dream bedroom

6 prime ministers!!

thats all!!