Friday, September 16, 2011

baso klatey baso ambo.


hye u olz!!!
today, i wanna be a kelantaese dialect teacher... not that im gonna one one day ok..
i still studying TESL... teaching English as a second language..
not TKDL.. Teaching kelantanese dialect as a Language,,, hehe...
im just gonna teach few simple words,,, 
but for sure those who are not kelantanese never heard of them yet.

  1. Gelegar : actually it is in Kamus Dewan, but it is just more familiar among kelantanese..
  2. Cokoh : strengthens the word sit (dok=duduk), but usually used for sitting without chairs (on the floor i mean)
  3. Gocoh : This word means fighting.
  4. Gelenya : this word is not a good word. i means flirty. err,,
  5. Geletah' : strengthens the word gelenya,, meaning that over flirty, yuckkkss..
  6. Peghone : ok.,, this sounds so weird,,, it means the place to burn the trash,, usually we have pghone at  small villages.. the existence of pghone is not good as i causes air polution,, remember.. dont try to create one at home.
pghone=tempat bakar sampah (it is supposed to be smaller) this is just a sample.

7.    Jate : means boys. i dont know why but this word does not make people pissed off like 'tino' does.

8.    Tino : this is the word i want to stress most.non-kelantanese often misunderstand this word because it     comes from the word 'betina'. but for your info, it is normal to use tino in kelantan, but it is strictly forbidden to use 'betina'. even they are almost the same, they are different.

9.    Petek sawo : ?? the meaning of these two words is the small black sports that we often have on wet clothes.. normal right,, but they really sound weird,, u must have thought that they are 'ular sawa' at first.. right?? dont deny,, hehe..

10.  Sawo nilo : huh??? it sounds like 'ular sawo once' again,, it is actually manila or ciku in bahasa.. hehe
sawo nilo=ciku=manila

ok,,, i think thats all for today guys.. when the mood to teach kelantanese dialect once again,,, i'll tell you more... :) bnda mnrik di sini. hehe


  1. Baru Paham....kalo tny, jgn harap nk bg taw....teacher kedekut...

  2. dah masukkan link ga tu.tq yer inform,tak perasan..:)