Monday, September 19, 2011

functions of the 'Like' button.


hye u ollz!!
actually, currently, specifically,, i am doing my assignment,,,
but suddenly comes the biggest problem when writing... which is 

hehe.. kidding.

so... i click on create a new post and write here as it is very weird that i dont have the prob when writing here.. ok,,, actually im lazy when talking bout assignments..*sigh

so,,, wat are the functions of the 'Like' button on fb?
check it out!!

dont press this like button... no use.. hehe

even you dont like,, dont press,,, wekk.. :P
  1. you really like the status
  2. you dislike the status but you dont have any choice as there is no Dislike button.
  3. you are in the middle, the like or to dislike.. confuse in a simpler word.
  4. just to make the owner of the fb notice your existence in his or her friend list.
  5. to bodek2 the owner of the status to persuade him or her to buy you lunch.
  6. to spread the status to your friends.
  7. to let the owners know that you are a stalker. omg!!! (jeng3)
  8. you are so bored that no one press the like button on YOUR status.
  9. you have nothing to do except to press the Like button.
  10. u know yourselves!! hehe..
thats all for today..
tq for reading

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