Friday, September 16, 2011

inspired by maria elena, pms.


hey u ollz!!!
now i wanna share with you all about PMS
PMS?? what da,,,?? ok,, chill bros..
PMS = premenstrual syndrome
its a monthly syndrome for girls when they are in the period of menstruation..
i really want to stress about this topic to boys, men, fathers, boyfriends, best boy friends, and so on,,
when we, girls, are in the menstruation period,,, a lot of things will suddenly appear..
we do not seem to be ourselves...
  1. happy-go-lucky turns moody
  2. gaiety turns sad
  3. being alone all the time
  4. easily get touched by small things
  5. over sensitive
  6. talk lesser
  7. want to have things that never cross your mind
  8. get mad easily
  9. tears are very easy to fall down
  10. headache
  11. stomachache
  12. backache
  13. easily getting tired
  14. sweat more
  15. change in hormonal circulation
so boys,,,, if your girls suddenly become not like the way they are...
jz be patient a little bit ok,,,
maria elena said in her video.. 
we cannot simply say thing to make sure our body does not get period
"body! dont get period! it hurts."
it does not go this way ok peeps...
thats all for today.. chow!!!
kalau nak tengok benda best.. klik sini..

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