Tuesday, September 27, 2011

meeting khairul fahmi is not a dream anymore!!!

assalaamualaikum w.b.t. ahlan wasahlan wa marhaban bikum. :D

i was very very the good gedix,,,!!!
Early in the morning, dah amik my camera and snapped pictures,,
Felt like a good girl model-like-hot-girl..
(kemain.. dibenrkan berhenti baca jika terasa loya)
then, my sister texted me that she was going to kl by flight at 12 noon..
My social studies class was cancelled!!
i hurriedly went to students’ welfare department to ask to go to the airport
(nasib baik dekat,, kalu kentut pn bleh bau kot,, hehe,,)

fortunately, Mr Norman is soooooo nice!!! 
sporting and cool sangat!! 
tq Mr Norman,,, 
(bagi je lau nak keluar asalkan bukan masa kelas,, saayang mr norman!!)

Fortunate again!!!
Once arrived at the airport,,, met my sister (sue), along, atin, kak di, abe hir, syazim
I asked for money from my sis,, just asked for it last night
(kering kontang bile tinggl rm10 je dlm purse.. :’( )

Then i met Khairul Fahmi Che Mat!!!!
My sis was like crazy to see him...
(gedik nak mam je budak tu,, wekk)

They said he is so handsome,,
As for me,, tk de la handsome sgt,, harap putih jela.. jangan mara,, hehe

Snapped pictures agi ngn dye,, glam and famous kot,,


Then, we had Lunch Treats at the KFC
(clische.. asyik g tmpt tu je klu g airport)

Sue flew away and away and away to kl at around 12.20

After that,,, i had Language Development class,,,,
(Back to normal daily life again,, *sigh)
Enjoy the pictures!!!

ain's mirror,, hebat gak kamera ni,, it stopped the moving fan,,!!!

credit to the light that made my skin looks fairer,, hehe

mood ceria early in the morning!! :D

group LDS.. looking for prepositions,, *sigh

time wt keje jgn pegang kamera,, lost 5 marks,,*sigh,,

me and buvee.. like 2 malay girls right?

i dont really like this shawl,, but people say its beautiful,,
beauty lies on the beholder,,


what is wrong with this girl???


look at sue,, kemain nk rapat2 ngn kf,, 
im not in the picture as i was the photographer,, *sigh


sue's friends and kf

nak shake2 hands lak dah,,

gedik benar budk nih!!

a beauty,,, <3 <3

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