Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my beloved IPGMKB (1)

assalaamualaikum w.b.t. ahlan wasahlan wa marhaban bikum. :D

Today i juz want to put gambar2 je,,
noting so interesting to write actually
but i wanna show u all my beloved 


I love this place so much as i learn how to teach students to learn

thes are the must-be-hang clothes in my room.. they are mine,, hehe

in fromt of block b.. i dont know why the lorry is there,, *sigh

this friend of mine,, sgt suke amik gambr..

no-spectacles-me,, mukmin asks for this,, its terrible right? my eyes really decrease in size,,

the gate to enter the hostel,,

can u imagine how long is this gajah menyusur????
look at that girl behind the second pole,, she really can hide behind it,, she's so skinnyyyy!!!! 
*jealous.. grrrr!!!!!

see that astaka???

this is the real one,,, hehe,, in front of co-op.

from inside,, we can see this VERY clearly,, can you guess what is this???
correct!!! huhuuuuu!!!

this is our Masjid As-Solihin..

this is where i lepas gian to play basketball,, just started today

tennis court,, beside basket ball court..

the coldest room,, bilik gerko.

face,, huhhhhuuu

it is so stress for me to use bawal punye tudung also because 
there is a big probability for it to become like this,, *double sigh

bawal yang sangt stress!!!

the inseparable roommates!!!

btw,, just to add,,, i just start being a basket baler again..
and i juz arranged my date with my coach to help me to participate in running,, 
*again,, sorry,, im addicted.
hope to lose 10 kg's
pray for my success k!!!

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