Monday, September 26, 2011

outing + birthday-ing

assalaamualaikum w.b.t. ahlan wasahlan wa marhaban bikum. :D

Hye u olzz!!!
Today i wanna share with you all (asyik ayat ni je hari2,, hehe) about my outing with most of my classmate in kb mall (where else L)
once upon a time (err,,, cut!!)
on the last Friday la ni,,,  (berzaman pnye citer)
We went there to celebrate Khalida Khadri @ leed @ Khalid @ anak puyuh.. (eh,, bnyknye??)’s birthday.
We had a very delicious cake..


foc tu yang i hardly resisted even im on diet,, hehe
(tak havoc ek,, eleh,, cam la korg dapt free cm muja.. wekkk)
Delicious! Marvellous! Amazing! Terrific! Collapse easily.. err,,,
Leed was the most happiest 
(ignore the grammar here,, emphasising only.. hehe) 
girl in the world la at that time coz her bf came all the way from kedah youuu...
(bak kata cikepal,, ko hado?? 

I really enjoyed that day coz i rarely go out with my classmates actually
(bajet ciput derr...)
Enjoy the no-me-pics!!!
(tak de gambr yang ade muja yang cntik,, sob3)

before Chocolate indulgence,, me, ain, and yana had these first,, hehe

my beloved rumate,, ain

yana requested this pic for her fb dp.. i really dont know why,, (ambik ko!)

my happy super happy go lucky classmates!! muahhh!!!
yana, buvana, ain, mimi, mirah.

sweet right??

this one was from me, ain and yana,, small2 only la,, bajet ciput,, hehe

the magnificent one!!!

oppps!!! caught in camera!!! leed and menantu puyuh, syahir. may your relationship lasts forever (ayat kena mau skema manjang k,, baru dapt A. :D)

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