Tuesday, September 20, 2011

procrastination is a THIEf of TIME, inspired by Mr, Roslan.


hye u ollz!!!
today i sent in 2 assignments,,
last night, at around 10pm, i just knew that we had to do one reflection for each assignment!!!
geram gak la,,, why must we be informed at the eleventh hour????
but,, never mind,, because i like the lecturer,, hehe
btw,, hari ni,, i wanna tell u about procrastination..
i first heard of this sentence from my Language Development lecturer..
 it is about delaying things in our lives,,
in malay... tangguh2 keje ni la...
we should not practice procrastination because,,
we will have too much to handle at the end,,,
believe me...
works, job, duties, tasks, they dont stop bugging into our lives...
so it is up to us to handle them so that it wont burden us too much,,,
as an IPG's students,,
we have a period of time when assignments come to us almost at the same time,,,
so,, we have to be quick,,,
we have to know how to arrange our time wisely.,,
err,, schemata,, hehe

enough of bebelan,, here i wanna share with you the effects of procrastination.
  1. stress and pressure suddenly occur (may get fat because of this ok,, :D)
  2. tend to sleep late at night or maybe we wont sleep at all (we are human.. our body needs at least 5 hours of rest a day.)
  3. when we sleep late, of course we wake up late too... :D
  4. assignments that we do will not be a high quality one.. (reduce marks lagi,, aiyaakk)
  5. when we do assignments that are not to the lecturers' expectations, for sure they will be very disappointed.. (reduce marks lagi,,,)
  6. we tend to trouble other people around us as they will be forced to help you when they are also busy with their works too,,, can u imagine them troubling you??
  7. we tend to do a lot of mistakes as we dont have time to recheck (mark reduced lagi,,)
  8. we become moody.. X_X
  9. cannot focus in class as we are worried all the time..
  10. you know it yourselves,, hehe
thats all.. chow!!


  1. it's good for you to practice English as you're a TESL students,
    just a reminder,please check your grammar before you publish your writing.
    coz i found quite a lot of mistakes in your writing..
    a should-not-be-a-mistake..
    so,please be aware of your grammar.
    no offence, we're still learning
    lots of things you should know
    you should learn by your mistakes.

  2. "a TESL studentS"? no offence too.. but the letter 'S' should not be there. thank you for your advice,, this is the reason y i post my entries,, so that i would get free tutorial session from our TESLIAN family.. i'll try to be better.. keep in touch! and thank you for reading. :D

  3. sorry for the typo~

  4. no offence,, so,, you have to check the grammar too before posting a comment.. we are still learning.. yeah,, i know.. thank you for reading,, :D