Sunday, September 18, 2011

the teslian exhibition.. omg!!!


hye u ollz!!!!
how are you? fine?? good3x!! 
today i wanna tell you the first exhibition that i have ever involved..
this exhibition combined 2 classes..
TESL 1 and 2. im from TESL 2.
this exhibition is taken for 40% marks for our Social Studies assignment...
my group consisted of me, myself and i..
hehe.. kidding,,,
me, syanim, alang, and arieff,, 
only 1 boy and he is the only Perakian as the other 3 girls are Kelantanese!!
only 1 boy??
yes its the truth darling... my class only has a very limited boy population..
there are only 6 boys out of 21!!!!
6 boys and 15 girls!!
can u imagine that? so,,,
the 6 becomes the hot stuffs ler,,, hehe

the prob is,,, last weekends.. i strongly felt like going home,,
o please dont ask me why because i also dont know ladies and gentleman..
 i just cant do anything related to my study at home..
its just me..
how about you? can? good for you :)
so,, i did not read the question for the assignment thoroughly
i just knew that we have to do something about culture..
my group of course chose the easiest for us..
the Malay culture..
as we have tree loyal beautiful kelantanese... am i included? you decide,, hehe
we chose to exhibit the Malay culture in Kelantan..
as Arieff is from Perak, we asked him to find info about Perak.
but,,, as we want to show variety, we also included Johor..
during the assessment, Mr Zul said that we were lack of one element of culture which belief..
our bad because we did not follow the instructions given,, :(
i dont know but i felt kinda reluctant to do this exhibition with no reason why.. huh.
fortunately, it turned out better than i thought..
in my opinion, our exhibition board was the simplest.. hehe
but.. let by gone be by gone..
the important thing is the future.. we take the past as a lesson to be better and better..
enjoice the pictures!!! :D

muja with her ngok ngek senior but same age as i got into ipg 2 semester later than him,faezin.

the simplest board.. whose? mine.

arieff is the one without vest.. my class leader..
beside him is azim, from tesl 1.

purpe is alang, me, and my roommate, ain.

ain's group board,.,, quite impresive with the decorations right?

my classmates, hakim, ada, khalida, yana.

i don't remember which group but i guess this is from TESL 1

TESL 1. syarah and zita at the back and hanis.

TESL 1. pia, amsyar, mia, zatul.

fiza. tesl1

my classmates, ada bahij, jue.

my classmates, khai, fizah, ain, qaiyah.

me and alang

FOC henna drawing by rita. focus at my purse from um.. cute rite?? i love it so much!!! :)

me with buvana,, the mummy puyuh,, hehe

errk,,, ignore this,,
so that's all,, daa,,

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