Friday, September 30, 2011

when i say it i mean it!!! inspired by Madam Rohaida

assalaamualaikum w.b.t. ahlan wasahlan wa marhaban bikum. :D

see the title?
if u're a TESL student from IPGM Kota Bharu
u'll automatically know the person who really loves to say that sentence rite??
she is our beloved Madam Rohaida!!!
she teaches my class the English Studies subject...
honestly (just to emphasize this word)
i really respect her
she really teaches us how to be teachers
she often says that 
she doesn't want us to be teachers-on-24
(24 tu time teachers dapat gaji.. telling those who dont know k,,)

the sentence often puts a lot of pressure on us
(madam often says.. 'u all really work better under pressure')
so,, this sentence really helps her a lot
by helping herself she is helping us too
tq madam!!! :D

at first it was hard to cope studying different things here 
(once i was a life science student)
before, i had to memorize things
doing the homeworks
answering questions
but now, it is not just about those mentioned above
its about level of confidence
critical thinking
emotional intelligence
how to handle things

and Madam Rohaida teaches us these things,,,
tq Madam
i really appreciate all that you have done for us
love u!!!



  1. as much as you love her...she's still our tutor and mom! ngahahah :D

  2. eleh, madam puji sket khamis aritu terus post blog sayang madam.. hahaha.. (comment membunuh)

  3. ain: mmg pn,,dye r tutor and mom kiter kt ipg,, hehe,,,
    zenith: time tulis bnda tu,, tk ingt lgsun madam prnah puji,, tq sbb ingtkan,, wekkk,, hahaha