Saturday, September 24, 2011

when a writer does not want to write

assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh
ahlan wasahlan wa marhaban bikum.

Hye u olz!!!
I wanna ask you something here..
Can u imagine if...

1.       Ben ashaari
2.       Hanis zalikha
3.       Fatin liyana
4.       Yuyu zulaikha
5.       Maria Elena
6.       Can i include my name ? ok,, i won’t.. L
Were lazy to write in their blogs??????!!!

What will happen??? jeng3!!!
Here are some possibilities...
1.       People will throw their laptops, i pad, hp, and other gadgets that they use to read their blogs... They don’t write,, no use to have those gadgets anymore.. :’(
2.       More bloggers admit that they are them... everybody want to be famous... don’t u wanna be one? Hehe..
3.       People will be rolling and crying in their rooms, in front of their laptops, hand on the mousses, waiting for them post or to write.
4.       Their chats boxes will full with messages begging for them to write again... please write something!!!!
5.        People will show sour faces as they are missing their writings.... no mood to go to office or schools or pre-school or babysitting places.
6.       Nuffnang, Churpchurp,, they will lose their most important advertisers,,, who want to replace them? Hurry!!!
7.       People will start to spread rumours that they went for holidays in Paris, Venice, and Japan.. (they have many sponsors already,, hehe)
8.       No more interesting segments, love stories, dapur tanpa sempadan, sk-11, wearing shawls tutorials, omg!!!
9.       Other bloggers then start to have conversations, forums, and the title should be, where are they????? They are in new z!!!
10.   Err... put your opinion as no 10. :D

Chow!!! Astala vista!!

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