Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ya Allah, forgive for the lack of control over my own borrowed self.


hye u ollz!!
today i am overwhelmed by anger,,, omg!!! 
ya Allah,, 
forgive me for;
  •  allowing the SATANIST ANGER to have the control over me,,
  • not being a humble girl that i should be..
  • not having enough patience to face the hurdles in my life..

i wont tell you about what happened but,,,
i just wanna say something to myself
so that i wont hurt people around me like the way i was hurt today..
so that i can have the calmness forever when handling this kind of people 
who like to say and talk hurtful words rubbish,,,
who like to humiliate other people..
who always find faults in others..
mybe i am an over sensitive, ridiculous, abnormal girl,,
please... i wish to be better TOMORROW  everyday of my life..
do accept me as i am,, and dont expect too much from me to handle..
i'll try to be better...
so,,, this is my advice to me, myself, and i,,
anybody who like to have to themselves pn i dont mind
but,, do spend a little time to think
  1. dont say anybody STUPID as i am not as clever as Nabi Muhammad SAW too..
  2. dont say anybody CRAZY as i am not as normal too..
  3. dont say anybody CLUMSY as i am not so perfect too..
  4. dont say anybody MAD because i am not thoroughly in control too..
  5. dont say anybody IDIOT because i am not so intelligent too..
  6. dont say anybody NONSENSE because i am not so smart too..
  7. dont say anybody LAZY because i am not so diligent too..
  8. dont say anybody COWARD because i am not so brave too..
  9. dont say anybody LIKE DERR because i am not so rational too
  10. dont say anything that can hurt people surrounding me with anything i say to them because it brings a lot of harm that you know will bring bad effects to both us..
Lidah lebih tajam daripada mata pedang 

so,,, please,,, take care of your words when talking to everybody,,,
not all people can accept the bad words as openly as you think..
you may think it is nothing,,, but they are not..

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