Monday, October 10, 2011

i hate fraud as much as i hate you!!! hey you liar!!!

assalaamualaikum w.b.t. ahlan wasahlan wa marhaban bikum. :D

anda berada dalam kawasan dilarang menipu.

hey you liar!!!
here are some advice that i wanna give to you

nak jadi camni ke baru nak insaf!!!
  1. if you can do it, dont simply say you cant because you dont want that to happen when you really cant do it.
  2. if you said you cant do it, dont do it forever even though the times when you really wanna to it come, it really shows the real you, who want to lie but dont know how.. your stupidity reveals very clearly.
  3. if you really wanna lie, dont lie to people who love you because it hurts much much more when we are lied by our beloved. can you imagine when you are in their shoes? how it feels when we know people we love cheat us
  4. if you already know that the person who you lie to already knows the truth, dont put your ego at the highest altitude. do apologize even sorry seems to be the hardest word.
  5. if you really a liar, dont act like you are innocent as your innocence is making you lying all the time non-stop. its a harmful benefit for you, believe me
  6. if you really wanna lie, PLEASE, think of the consequences, now and in the here after. dosa. pahala. think wisely!!! not stupidly!!
  7. if your secret is revealed, dont just act like usual to the person because the person will loath you more when he or she thinks that you dont care about their feelings.
  8. if you really dont care about other people but yourselves, do lie whenever and wherever you are and be proud to tell the world that YOU ARE A LIAR!!
  9. if your hobby is to lie, lie. be selfish as it will make you happy. HAPPY FOR A WHILE.
  10. aku benci kau penipu bongok!!!!

thats all,, tq!

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