Monday, November 28, 2011

dye ni tak reti bersyukur ke??


It looks like Wonder Girls‘ Sohee has a complex about one of her trademark features, her chubby cheeks. On the November 25th episode of ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’, the Wonder Girls guested and they each revealed their own insecurities.
When asked what Sohee’s insecurity was, she answered, “My cheeks are fat”.
She also added, “This is something I constantly worry about; my cheeks get bloated too often. On top of this, I feel like they bloat even more on the days I have music programs.”
When this was heard, the MC, Yoo Hee Yeol asked, “Is that even a worry? Look at me when you talk. Do you want to become like me?” as Hee Yeol is known for his sharp cheekbones and slim face.
Netizens commented, “What? Her cheeks are just cute” and “Mandoo Sohee is her trademark, so she can’t be like this.”
Can you imagine Sohee without her mandoo cheeks?

aku memang pelik ngan orang yang tak reti bersyukur nih,,, dye tu dah cantik giler,,, orang dah suke dye mcam tu,, dah dye tuu orang kenal dengan pipi chubby camtu,, bayangkan kalau dye berubah,, entah-entah orang dah tak suke dye dah,, dah la dye pernah dapat anugerah artis paling cute (lebey kurang la name anugerah tu,,) dah la operate sana sini,, ish,, pelik, heran, dan ajaib,, geram aku,, 

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