Thursday, November 10, 2011

once betrayed, everything is over.

Once her husband, John, arrived, she kissed her husband’s hand and took his briefcase inside. She sat beside John and asked his permission for her to work. She added that she wished to increase their source of living.Despite all the hardness they had gone through, John held strong to his decision for her wife to be at home.

The heart-broken Maria was so depressed. She felt so lonely that she decided to look for friends. She created a Facebook account using a fake profile, hoping that somebody would get interested in her. After ten minutes of waiting, a man named Michael added her as friend. Maria updated her status saying that her husband did not allow her to work. Not a minute later Michael commented that could release her from the ‘prison’ she had been in and give her all the happiness.

They had a long conversation and set a date to meet. Maria was so excited to meet her online friend that she forgot to sign out her Facebook account. She just remembered about that on the way to the restaurant and did not care to turn back as on one had ever touch her laptop as his husband was always busy working at day time. She just could not resist smiling along the journey.

At home, John went home earlier to surprise his wife for her birthday. He stepped into the house, carrying a chocolate cake, singing the Birthday song. He waited for Maria but she never appeared. He went to the kitchen and noticed the laptop. He put the cake and read the conversation between Maria and Michael in the chat box. Tears rolled down his cheeks. He would never imagine his wife would do this towards him. Immediately, he went out to his car and drove to the restaurant.

He got into the restaurant. He looked around and saw the a couple laughing in a hidden corner. He walked towards them. He looked at Maria with all the hatred accumulated in his heart and smiled emptily. Then, he turned towards Michael and stabbed him on his stomach. He called the police to tell about his wrongdoing. Maria dropped on her knees, apologising to him but he seemed like lost in his world.

Now, nothing matters anymore. His life is over.

moral: wives, be loyal to your husband. husbands, don't forget your wives. you all need each other.

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