Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cabaran 30 Hari : Plans/dreams/goals you have (18th day)


nervous kemain muja nak tulis ni,, yela,, kena pikey baik2 before tulis nih,, kan3???
ok,, lets start
  • i wanna be a gud muslimah,, perhaps the best one,, hope to be perfect but no one is perfect in this world kan,, muja terima diri muja seadanya,,
  • i wanna pay all my parents' sacrifices for me since the moment i existed in my umi's womb,, i wanna apologize for all the wrongdoings i have done.. : I
  • i wanna be a master teacher in English subject in 10 years time.. hope that all my students will excel in this second language,, :D
  • i wanna be a gud wife,, ahaks << ketawa gedik.. gatai kan muja ni,,, tapi memang jadi goal pun pada masa hadapan,, :D
  • i wanna be a gud mother,, wah!!!!
sebenarnya i have a lot more goals to achieve but i just state a few,, takut tak tercapai pulak,, :D


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