Thursday, December 01, 2011

cabaran 30 hari : A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself


15 interesting facts?? can i give you all 20?? hehe
  1. i love my name so much.. my name is NURMUJAHIDAH which means the light of a lady warrior.. nice right?? :D
  2. i love my sibling's names too,, because they all have good meaning,, SUMAYAH, FAIZAH, HUDA, UMAR, AMIR, HANA,, gud-gud sumenye,, hehe :D
  3. i love pink colour!!! yes!!! i am a pink maniac!!! once i used mukmin to send me a pink shawl,, have u seen it?? very sweet ok,... < 3
  4. i love to eat... i can eat a lot of food,, especially MCD CHICKEN PORRIDGE,, i dont care of its hotness,, i put a lot of pepper to make it hotter, hehe :D
  5. i love to write.. that is why i created this blog,, but,,, seldom,, i get write writer's mental block,, how to get a faster processor of my brain to get impressive idea all the time??? :D
  6. i love taking pictures!!! yes!!! but now as my face has become like it is now,, i feel so sad,, i cant snap pictures as often.. i have to put the bedak2 first,, hehe : (
  7. i love to talk!!! especially with mukmin,, hehe,, because he usually does the listening and lets me do the talking,, nice guy kan??? :D
  8. i love to nag!!! yeah,,!!! especially to my siblings as the love to mess our house and i am the one who does the cleaning... sape tak marah kan???
  9. i love high heals!!! yeah,, even people surrounding me feel that i am quite boyish,, it is a fact that i love walking with heals under my feet.. it gives me confidence,, yeah,, it does.
  10. i love to run long distance,, i am bad in 100m race.. but i am better in events of 800m and above,, i am a running maniac!!!
  11. i love online shopping!!! but trust me,, it is not good for your health,, hehe,, very easy to lose money with this liking..
  12. i love shawls!!! yess!!! this is a madness,, i like to be different but easy,, for me shawl is easier to use compared to bawal punye tudung,, susaaaaah nak ok,, grrr!!!
  13. i love my hometown in GONG JERING.. yeah!!! every member of my family is there,, i love to be there,, i just feel loved by them.. :D
  14. i hate PIMPLES!!! i really hate pimples,, but now i have them all over my face,, what can i do??? any suggestions???
  15. i hate FAT!!! i dont wanna get fat forever in my life but it is a problem because i love to eat,, what must i do ni???
  16. i love teaching,, it is not that i am ALREADY a teacher,, but,, even now i love to teach,, hope that teaching will give me a lot of nice experience in future,, i am an English teacher-wanna-be :D
  17. a big little secret of mine,, i take my bath after zohor during the holiday,, hehe,, tak pe kan?? it is holiday ok,,,
  18. one thing yang mukmin thinks i am a bit weird is,, i love my old hand phone so much,, Sony Ericsson C510. but,, i lost it in UM,, : (
  19. once.. i have got 2.33 and 2.67 for my CGPA when i was in UM, studying life science, i dont mind sharing this because it should be a lesson to everyone reading this entry,,
  20. ok,, my birthday is on 16 February 1992.. so now,, i am sweet 19 going to be 20.. already old kan?? seriously,,, hard to accept this fact,, : (
thats all for the first day for this challenge!!! wait for the next challenge!!! :D


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