Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cabaran 30 Hari : What I would find in your bag (25th day)

this is the latest bag i have,,, i bought it online,,, what would you find in it??
  • my purse,, the jean purse,,, i love it from the first time i saw it in um,, and until now i dont change it yet,, hehe,, aku kedekut sebenarnye kot
  • of course la my old-fashioned handphone,, walaupun old,, hp ni la yang paling long lasting taw,, so,, korang kena ade satu for preparation in case hp canggih korang jatuh ke lantai dan berderai,, hek3
  • my camera,, yes,, it is a no to leave my camera because i want to take pictures to share with you all in my beloved blog ni,,, he6
  • my compact powder,, brand pixy,, nak pomot sikit,, bedak ni mmg best,, colour dye lawa,, and only cost you RM13,, suitable for stingy girl like me kan,, hehe  

mybe sampah sarap tidak ketinggalan daripada menempatkan diri dalam beg aku,,, hehe

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