Wednesday, December 14, 2011

i wanna be a parent who her children can talk to.


that night... my phone rang... i was studying economy,, but,,, i just cannot concentrate as i know something wrong is happening... i picked up the phone and answered,,, my friend was crying like crazy in a small part of the world... usually,,, she would call me when she was having problems,,, her problem was,,,, she had no money to buy books needed for her studies ever her parents are quite affordable people,,,

as i talked to her,,, i just got to know that her problem is she just cannot talk to her parents,,, she feels so scared,,, she feels so uneasy to tell anything especially when it includes the usage of money,,, why is this happening?? i don't know,, maybe they already have a long history of misunderstanding,, i dont know which side is the wrong side and which side is the good side,,, i really dont know,,,, i only know that,,, only that i know,,, when she hurts,,, i feel hurt too,,, deep inside of my heart,,, 

from this experience talking to a girl who is having a problem with her own parents,,, i am really determined that one day i wanna be a parent who her children can talk to... who her children dont feel the terrible horror just to talk and tell everything they have in their heart,,, i want my children to be free to discuss things with me,,, i want my children to know that i am there for them when they are crying,, i want them to know that they have a mother who has the shoulder for them to cry on,,,, really,,,

wah!!! kemain aku nih,, dah pikir dah camne jadi umi mithali,,, kah3!!! :D

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