Wednesday, December 28, 2011

people yang muja nak cakap terima kasih banyak2,,, T_T


hye u olz,,, hari ni dah 28 december 2008.. korang perasan tak?????? betapa cepat masa berlalu.. cam tak sedar lak dah setaun,,, kan3??? banyak masa yang dah muja sia-siakan,, banyaknye kenangan,, banyaknye tangisan,, banyaknya kesalahan,, banyaknya dosa,, banyaknya kecederaan hati,,, so,, sempena kita dah hampir-hampir nak habis dah ni tahun 2011,, muja nak say THANK YOU a lot to all of you
  • THANK YOU to my parents,, i have hurt them a lot,, i have done so many wrong doings,, and they still love me as i am,, nothing changes for them,,,, THANK YOU umi and abah,, i am so sorry for all the mistakes i did,,, please,, forgive me and be with me forever,, i just cannot live without both of you,,,
  • THANK YOU to my siblings, sue, zie, huda, umar, amir, hana,,, even all of you drive me crazy,, i can feel your love towards me,,, sue, take care of yourself in mesir, huda, gud luck for your coming pmr and zie gud luck for your coming spm... my pray is forever with you..
  • THANK YOU to my teachers in tadika al-munir, sk seri ketereh, sk bukit jawa, sms tengku muhammad faris petra, university of malaya, and ipg kampus kota bharu,, without you all,,, i will not be who i am now.. i will not know the importance of knowledge,,, i will not know how to lead a nice good life which i have now,,,
  • THANK YOU to my friends,,, of course my friends from all the schools i stated above,, seriously,, all of you really mean a lot to me,,, i will not forget our memorable moments together, our tears together, your helps,, really appreciate everything i have got from all of you,,, please,, do be beside me and support me when i am weak...
  • lTHANK YOU to my beloved friend,,, mukmin,, tq so much for all that you have done to me,,, i really appreciate your friendship,, till we meet 4 years ahead k,, dont forget,, dont be late on our first date!!! ahaks!!!!
diye ni suke ngaku dye hulk,, muahahahaa!!!!
  • lastly,, tq to all my followers yang sudi follow blog picisan muja and sanggup scroll sampai ke ayat ini,, i really appreciate,, :'D
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