Tuesday, December 20, 2011

tips dapat BE.. terus daripada respond pihak nuffnang untuk ticket yang muja sent.


ok,, malam ni muja tergerak hati check and godek inbox yahoo,, then,, suke sangat amat la bile muja tengok ticket yang muja sent hari tu dah direply oleh MR NUFFNANG,,, so,, muja tak nak la simpan sorang-sorang,, so,, muja nak kongsi dengan korang,, penting sangat bagi yang nak jana income dengan berblog. daripada tulis je manjang,, baik gune blog kite ni untuk dapat duit poket kan,,, dapat beli choki2 pun jadilah,, :D

Here is the response made to your ticket.  Please do not reply to this email directly, use the link above
to reply.

Hi Nur,

Actually, you're referring to CPM campaigns because Buffered Earning refers to the earning generated from ongoing campaigns.

Now, in order for you to get a column for "Buffered Earning" in your "Earnings", you will first need to be selected by the advertisers to do CPM campaigns for them. There are several factors that would determine your chances of being selected for CPM campaigns. 
  • firstly,, memang kite kenalah dipilih dulu oleh pengiklan,, yang muja paham daripada the phrase "by the advertisers" maksudnye,, pengiklan la yang pilih blog mana,, bukan pihak MR NUFFNANG,, sory kalau wrong info.
As advertisers always have a target audience for their campaigns to address to, they will choose blogs with suitable blog readers as their target audience. Should your blog readers fall into that category, rest assure that you're very likely to be picked by them. Many bloggers who do not fill in their blog surveys properly may find themselves not receiving ad campaigns from advertisers frequently. This is due to the fact that the survey actually helps advertisers know the bloggers' blogs better. Blogs registered without completed surveys are often ignored by advertisers as they do not know if your blog's reach is suitable for their campaign or not. As such, we highly recommend for you to ensure that all your blogs' surveys are filled and updated from time to time.
  • ok,, yang ni plak pasal readers kite,, untuk dapat BE ni,, kite kena update surveys daripada MR NUFFNANG,, kalau boleh,, setiap minggu,, time-time cuti ke hape,, or time tak de sangat sangat amat dah idea nak tulis entry,, korang isilah masa dengan update survey,, insya ALLAH,, berbaloi
Desirability of ad placement is crucial in the advertising industry. Advertisers spend a lot of money to design an ad and buy ad space. They want to get their message across to their target audience as effectively as they could. This being said, they will always buy ad spaces which are optimized and desirably placed. Just ensure that your ad units are at their intended place and this factor would be satisfied in the eyes of the advertisers. A Skyscraper ad unit is supposed to be the first element of the sidebar and not anywhere else. The same goes for Leaderboard as the first visible element upon visitor's entry to the site and Large Rectangle right after your first blog post. Should your blog's ad units not be located at these placements, it would severely affect advertisers' decision to advertise on your blog as there are plenty of other blogs under our network with perfect placement of the ad unit. Easy 
  • yang ni lak pasal kedudukan ads MR NUFFNANG,, kalau boleh letakkan ketiga-tiga kotak ads.. kat bawah header, kat atas sekali kat sidebar, dan di bawah setiap entry,, bile banyak kotak,, senang sikit ads nak terpapar kat blog,, tak perlu bergilir-gilir bagai,,, so,, peluang dapat BE lebey tinggi :D
In addition, availability of ad units plays an important role for bloggers to be chosen for campaigns as well. All our advertisers split their budget evenly across all our 3 ad units, Leaderboard, Skyscraper and Large Rectangle whenever they advertise with us. That being said, the budget would be limited and might not be able to cover that many blogs for a particular ad unit. If your blog have all 3 ad units in it, your chances of being selected for campaigns would be fully maximized.

Membership exclusivity plays a part in advertisement campaigns as our advertisers tend to advertise more on Glitterati blogs as it is part of our reward program to our most loyal bloggers in the region. Ordinary members will still be selected for campaigns but in a lower number compared to Glitterati's.
  • yang ni pun tak kurang penting,, elakkan status GLITTERATI tu hilang daripada MR NUFFNANG kite nih,, MR NUFFNANG gune GLITTERATI untuk menghargai bloggers yang setia,, so,, memang bloggers yang berstatus glitterati ni lebey berpeluang dapat BE.
For mCPM ads, the selection of blogs is entirely dependent on the advertisers' requirements, and the advertising industry is also highly seasonal, therefore there might be times where there are no advertisers looking for a particular group of bloggers for a while.

Hope this helps.

Farahnaz Anwar
Community Executive
Nuffnang Sdn Bhd


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