Sunday, January 15, 2012

aku penyanyi giler glamour,, ada tak sapa-sapa kisah????


i really love to sing,, i started singing since i was 6 if i am not mistaken,, yes,, i sang bolywood songs that time,, songs in kuch kuch hota hai,, then i recite zikrullah during my pre-school,, yes,, i love the zikir songs so much,, the melody makes my want to recite at any time and any place,,,

then,, i sang on stage for the first time when i was 10 years old, representing my school,, you can read the story HERE,,, yes,, i love to be on the stage,, looking at the crowd who listen to my voice,, my precious voice,, without my voice,, i am not who i am,,, i love to sing,, and that is me,,,

then i sang at my secondary school,, even during the orientation week, i had started singing for the first time at the glory hall,,, you can read the story HERE,,, yes,, singing is my desire,, it is in my soul,, singing is me,, singing is my leisure time,, without singing i am dying,,,, chewah!!! ok,,, tu dah over the limit,,,

actually,, i had stopped singing now,, opps!! lupa nak gitau,, sempat gak menyanyi sekali kat ipg ni,, insya ALLAH,,, i will not do it again in the future,,, please!! please!! please!! pray for me so that i will not join any activities involving singing after this k,, sebab 


now,, i am determined to sing somewhere that i can sing to my heart content,,, i wanna sing as much as i want there,, i wanna sing as loud as i want and there is nobody to stop,,, i want to sing there,, 

please everybody,, pray for my success,, i dont want to be ashamed when facing ALLAH in the here after,, i dont want to be asked the reason for me not following HIS order to cover my aurat,, please,, i dont want,,, :'(


  1. yer betul tuh, nk nnyi pun nnyi la kat depan2 orang perempuan udahla. aurat kamu tuhh

    jom baca sekejap..=)

  2. ala...g karok ngan mmber pompuan,nyanyi la puas2.hihihi...bestla ske tgk crowd.arelan ni klu nmpk rmi org mle la gelabah especially on stage.on court,lg ramai lg power.hoho