Monday, March 05, 2012

apa itu haiku???


hye korang,, aku dah bagitau tak kat korang yang aku akan menghadapi my very first scarry mock exam next week,,, serious cuak jak(short form for bijak.. quite a nice one i think).. please,, i beg you all,, do pray for me,, so,, macam biasa,, kitorang yang suka sangat dengan hobby procrastination is the thief of time ni,, baru sekarang la nak terkocoh-kocoh baca itu ini,, cari maksud itu maksud ini,, adess,, so,, aku nak perkenalkan korang korang semua dengan benda baru yang i just learnt few days ago from my beloved lecturer madam tan,, it is about the word HAIKU.

korang pernah dengar HAIKU tak,, seriously,, it was just my first time listening to this kind of interesting word last week,, terrible kan?? i am a TESL student!!!! pfft!!! aku pun not really in the know about haiku,, so,, korang baca jela k explanations from mr wiki nih,,
Haiku (俳句 haikai verse?) About this sound listen  (no separate plural form), is a very short form of Japanese poetry typically characterised by three qualities:
  • The essence of haiku is "cutting" (kiru).[1] This is often represented by the juxtaposition of two images or ideas[2] and a kireji ("cutting word") between them, a kind of verbal punctuation mark which signals the moment of separation and colours the manner in which the juxtaposed elements are related.
  • Traditional haiku consist of 17 on (also known as morae), in three phrases of 5, 7 and 5 on respectively.[4] Any one of the three phrases may end with the kireji.[5] Although haiku are often stated to have 17 syllables,[6] this is incorrect as syllables and on are not the same.
  • kigo (seasonal reference), usually drawn from a saijiki, an extensive but defined list of such words. The majority of kigo, but not all, are drawn from the natural world. This, combined with the origins of haiku in pre-industrial Japan, has led to the inaccurate impression that haiku are necessarily nature poems.

yang aku pahamnya,, haiku ni macam ni,, setiap stanza dia tu ada three lines,, 

the first line should contain 5 syllables,, not syllabus ok,, syllable which means suku kata,,, not five words!!! but five syllables,, for example
- i love you so much-
 it contains five syllables,, understand tak murid-murid?? no..?? ask then,, paham? bagus,,,

then,, the second line should contain 7 syllables,, for example
- hey, i want my money back!'
it contains 7 syllables,, cannot believe it??? count la,,, aiyooooo

then,, the third line should contain 5 syllables again
-money is needed-
,,,, there you are,, you have created a haiku,, congratulation!!!!!

so,, done with the lesson for today,, next time kita belajar pulak buat ballard,, sonnet and so on,, dont ever you dare to miss it coz it is very interesting to learn literature,,, chow!!! :D