Tuesday, March 06, 2012

JIM CROW'S LAW,,, ape dia ni??? jangan malas baca kalau korang budak tesl or budak law!


haa,,, disebabkan aku baru je abis exam english studies yang aku tertanya-tanya,, apa yang aku jawab tadi ek,, so,, aku nak kongsi ngan korang pasal JIM CROW'S LAW,, seriously bila aku belaja ES and lecturer aku bagitau kitorang pasal benda ni barulah kitorang tau kewujudannya,, aku ni bukan peminat law pun,, hehe,, so,, jangan malas baca kalau korang budak TESL,, apatah lagi kalau korang budak law,, :D

  • The Jim Crow laws were state and local laws in the United States enacted between 1876 and 1965.
  • They mandated de jure racial segregation in all public facilities in Southern states of the former Confederacy, with a supposedly "separate but equal" status for black Americans
  • The separation led to treatment, financial support and accommodations that were usually inferior to those provided for white Americans, systematizing a number of economic, educational and social disadvantages. De jure segregation mainly applied to the Southern United States
  • Northern segregation was generally de facto, with patterns of segregation in housing enforced by covenants, bank lending practices, and job discrimination, including discriminatory union practices for decades.
  • Some examples of Jim Crow laws are 
  1. the segregation of public schools, public places, and public transportation, and 
  2. the segregation of restrooms, restaurants, and drinking fountains for whites and blacks. 
  3. The U.S. military was also segregated. 


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