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Monday, March 26, 2012

Life's A Trip- will continue until our last breath.


hye korang!!!! jom baca entry penting terutama kalau korang baru lepas spm, baru lepas pre-uni,, sila sila dan sekali lagi sila,,, penting weh,, serious,,,,!!!!

What awaits on the journey of life after graduation? Play the KLMU Life’s a Trip game and stand a chance to win attractive prizes, including an iPhone 4S and more!
How the game works: Each time you take a turn, you grow older by one year. Along the way, things that happen in your life will speed you up or slow you down. You'll also be tested on y our knowledge on your choice of career. The more you know, the faster your journey. Try to reach retirement at the youngest age to be the overall winner!
TIP: Some answers to the career knowledge questions are in our 'Stories to Inspire Your Career' on this website. Read them for an added advantage!

life's a trip aka LIFE IS A TRIP,,, korang tau tak maksud trip tu??? yelah,, trip tu trip,, tapi,, trip yang dalam ayat tu,,, tau tak?? ok,, in my opinion,,, trip tu satu perjalanan untuk korang mencapai apa yang korang hajati dalam hidup korang,,, sebab tulah program LIFE'S A TRIP ni sangat menarik bagi muja,,, dah nama pun menarik,,,, muja memang sangat tertarik kalau title pun dah sangat bermakna bunyinya,,,,

jom view page ni,, dan buat keputusan korang,,, buat keputusan dengan baik!!! buat keputusan yang korang sure korang takkan menyesal di masa hadapan,,, buat keputusan yang tak kan korang salahkan orang lain sebab keputusan tu,,,, buat keputusan yang menjamin kerjaya yang akan membahagiakan korang,,,, yang akan menerbitkan senyuman di bibir setiap kali korang nak gi tempat kerje,, tu yang penting!!!

LIFE'S A TRIP is one of the options,,, do grab it,, hope all of you will decide the best for yourselves,,,, hope all of you will succeed in whatever field you are in,,, hope all of you will be happy throughout your lives,, if you want to know,, want to discover one of the opportunities that you have,,, DO CLICK HERE and make the best decision for your own good :D


  1. eh yg dah berusia ni boleh cuba tak? hehe..

  2. ayu ade tag muja tau...heheh untuk segmen nabila..

  3. eh..series ke nak jadi pengapit????

  4. dear..ajar macamne nak letak ruang iklan tuk di sewe tu.. ;)

  5. @CIK MAY nak jadi pun takleh jugak,, jauh sesangat,, haha,, muja dah comment,, takleh smpai sekarng ltak kod dalam entry,,, tak reti,, sorry,, :(

  6. wah..haha tamo3 ..haha

  7. aku dah lama abis SPM boleh x nak click?..hahaha

  8. u got a contest tag here. click here ;)

  9. dah klik.hehehe..hidup ni memang satu perjalanan yang panjang.atas kita la camne nak jalani hidup ni kan untuk hidup yang abadi nanti.