Thursday, March 15, 2012

my favourite teacher when i was at school


last night, very late at night, my cousin asked me to write an essay entitled My Favourite Teacher When I Was At School so,,, this morning, i bathed quite early (biasanya lepas zohor je time2 cuti ni,, kih3) then moved to the cc (laptop hantar bengkel. rosak,, pffftt!!!). hope you like my writing as usual.. :D

My favourite teacher in school is a 'she' and it is one of the reasons for me liking here. She is an English teacher. I like her because of her keen of teaching English for those students who despise English like they despise the disciplinary teacher in my school. I can assure that the students hate both, English and discipline, equally.

She is the teacher who teaches English. She teaches with a lot of patience that I never know exist before meeting her. Her patience does not include the consideration for those who do not complete their homework of course. How can a normal human being be patient of repeating the same sentence of ‘He is for boys and she is for girls’ for the whole long year? How can an ordinary woman be patient of saying ‘’The Sun not a sun!’ again and again?

My mother is a mother at home and she is my mother at school. She takes care of me. When she is there, nobody dares to disturb me because I have my mother by my side. Sometimes, it does cross my mind, can I have both mothers by my side forever? It is not that I do not love my at-home-mother. It is just I am too greedy as I am now. I want both of them because they complete my life, they just have to be in front of my eyes then I will smile gladly as I now become me. 

i really miss her,, :'(

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