Tuesday, March 06, 2012

when muja is not muja anymore

When Muja Is Not Muja Anymore | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. Today is March 6, 2012; I woke up early. Oh Allah. Is 6.30 am early?? The second day of the mock examination!!! It scares me to death despite having the word ‘mock’ in front of its name. Yela. The examination is mock, but the result is REAL!!!! 

If I do not score well enough in this so-called mock exam, what do you think will happen in the real one? Believe me, it will be more or less the same.Unbelievable?? Believe it! Today I sat for my English Studies subject examination today.

kelam kabut, hectic
Lebih kurang aku la beliau dalam gambar ni T_T

Ya ya ya. I have to admit that I did it very badly. Please, don’t blame me, don’t scold me or else I’ll cry. Do you want to feel two Niles running under your feet?? Ok. Try me. I just knew that I had to sit for the paper this morning! I thought it would be Language Development subject, but, it is my destiny, it is fated that I sat for ES paper this morning, quite a dem right??? Bla bla bla,, 

Muja!!! Don’t have to put the blame on others!!! You yourself are being ignorant!!! Yes, I am such an ignorant student. Thanks to Allah because He opened my heart and my mind to learn ES last night, a zillion thanks to Him for allowing me to absorb the knowledge before it is too late. Tapi tu la kan, bile kita tak rasa esok nak exam benda tu, of course la study gitu-guti and stopped before finishing it, my bad.

Despite the sadness I encountered, I am really thankful also for having a problem with my laptop before because, because of my laptop broke down, I have the chance to do the holiday task on my own without referring and copying from the internet. The period of finishing the task was totally a disaster but it is worthwhile. I guess.

If not, I will not finish the whole purple book yet okay,,, thanks to my broken down laptop. Talking about my laptop, I think my laptop is very considerable and smart you,,,, yes!!! It is very smart that during assignments season, it does not create problem and performs its function as good as usual (as if my laptop is very smart enough to know that it is the assignment season).. but,,, it is the truth!!! It happened to me!!! Is your laptop like mine??? I don’t think so,, hehe,,,

The relationship between the title and the content is no relationship at all. What is happening to me ha? Can anybody be willing to answer my super duper simple question? Nobody? You all don’t love me! Jahat! Tak nak kawan baru tau. It really scares me to death, imagining what colour my face would be when I want to get my MOCK exam result. Onomatopoeia cikit. Adus. Sume ada. How am I going to tell her (umi) and him (abah) and them (family)???

Maybe I will be like this, ‘umi, sorry, I have done my best but,,’ or like this, ‘Abah, sorry that I had mistaken the exam schedule but,,,’ Oh no!!!! How to continue the two buts there???

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