Monday, April 23, 2012

aku mintak maaf mukmin zulkifli

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i am selfish
i sell fish,,, even i despise fish..
i am so sorry,,, i am very very very selfish,,,, i am so very sorry,,,
i don't try to understand you
i am so egoistic that i don't try to apologize to you at all even though i know i am in the wrong side
i am so stupid to just think of you like that
'that' refers to 'you forgetting me'
you don't forget me at all kan?
you are still like before kan?
i am always in your mind kan?
you still like me the way you do in these two years kan?
you won't stop liking me kan?
even though we never meet each other,, but it is the distance which makes us closer kan?
promise me you won't
i don't feel secure.... yes,, i am not a beauty,,, you might leave,, any time you wish to
i feel like i am losing you
you are disappearing... aren't you? don't you think so? or you think i am the one who is disappearing,,, i want to stress here,,, i am not going to disappear,,,
as long as you want me to be with you,,
as long as you don't ask me to go away from your life
don't disappear,, you promised me before remember?
and i still remember i promised you
 the same thing