Sunday, April 15, 2012

happy for those who like genting and have iphone,, tak de iphone? dont be happy,, untungla dia ada iphone,,,

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hye korang,, dah check page MR NUFFIE tak hari ni??? belum??? tak payah check pun tak pe kalau korang tak de iphone,, haha,, tapi,, for those yang ada iphone and minat sangat amat bercuti kat genting,, sila bahagia sekarang sebab,,,, genting on iphone dah sekarang ni!!!!!!!!! ok,, before i proceed,,, aku nak bagi tau dlu,,, aku tak iphone,, so,, i am not included in the group of people that should be happy,, aku ada hp lampu suluh je,, sob3,,, happy jugak la untuk aku ,, hehe

nampak tu??? kemai besar GENTING ON IPHONE,, kalau tak nampak lagi,, sah korang kena buat spec sama power cam aku,, 400 kiri 400 kanan,, nak????


Resorts World Genting mobile application is now available for free download on Apple's App Store. With this app you will have immediate access to the latest information on events, attractions, packages, recommended itineraries and other all year round activities at Resorts World Genting. You can now check your Genting and WorldCard Points and plan your next trip to Resorts World Genting with just a few swipes. 

untung la dia,, ada iphone,, boleh check it out genting hari-hari,, bile aku nak ada satu ni???!!!!!!! grrrrrr...

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