Tuesday, June 26, 2012

rekrut: cinta rekrut

gajoh pun buleh terbey loni dih :P

rekrut lagi rekrut lagi,,,, but for sure,, i never get bored to share my thoughts and opinions on my recruit session,,, hehe,, hari ni disebabkan idea yang ketiadaan secara melampaunya,, aku tulis jugak pasal cinta rekrut yang dah terlampau lama aku nak tulis tapi,,,, i malu la,, hahahaha

for sure it is not thoroughly about me ok,,, so,, sila jangan tanya,,,, muja, is he an army? muja, is his head bald? muja, is he tall, dark and handsome? those questions are out of question,, eh,, betul ke ayat aku ni,, hantam saja as long as all of you can get the gist of what i am trying to say here,,, hehehe,,,,

honestly,, even before i went to kem sungai durian, kuala krai, i never thought that love will bud and bloom there,,,, hey,,, we were all dark, black, oily, tired, sememeh, selekeh, smelly, dirty, tired, out of control, and how come love bloom HERE??? in this kind of conditions and environment,,,, in my head,,,

we will never be able to fall in love HERE!!!!
aku beci bau hok busuk,, ikut la gapo pun,,,

but,, what happened there was unimaginable,,,, love not only arose there,,,, it bloomed,,,, fresh and fragrant,,,, you know,,, yah,, like,, umm,,, can you imagine love that buds when we are in our WORST CONDITION!!!! isn't that what we call true love? wah,,, ada tak ayat aku macam william shakespeare,, ecececey,,,, tu la,, situ sini aku nampak kawan-kawan aku dapat mak-and-pak-we there,,,,, during recruit!!!

aku selalu pikir,,, ahh,,,, men always love to love beautiful, fair-skinned one,,, no one will look at all the moderate looking ladies like me ni,,, tak cantik,,, kulit tak macam salji,,,, tak licin mana,,,, no one will like la,,, will we get married then??? LOL!!!! Hahahahaha,,,!!! but,,, there,, it is proven that things are not always how we thought they are... especially when we are talking about love kan,,, it is beyond our imagination,,,, ya,,, for example,, NABI MUHAMMAD SAW's love for his ummah,,, beyond imagination,,, despite being tortured severely for years,,, and he still loves (still in present) his ummah.. amazing right,, so,,, it is far from impossible to fall in love with moderate, no-too-beautiful girls,,, hehe,,,, can i be grateful with this fact,,, kuang2,, so gedik of me,,, :P
blogger prihatin adalah prihatin bukan untuk diri sendiri sahaja

it is kind of nonsense when it crosses my mind,, but that is what had happened there,,, even with kulit di hidung merekah sebab kekeringan dan kepanasan melampau kawad at 1 pm,, even bibir dah tak merah,,, jadi hitam dah,,, no cure for that instant,, balik umah only then we start to have all the procedures to put everything to its normal condition,,,,, and love still can bud there?????
who are we without friends to offer their shoulders for us to cry on

betulkah love is blind??? or the people who fall in love are the truly blind people???



  1. cinta berputik tanpa disedari... ceewah.... hehehehe
    cinta tak mengenal rupa... dari mata turun ke hati... :)

  2. ala muja..ngaku ja la dah da yg sangkut...hehehe