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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

i am actually one of the royal family members,,,,

now,, it is not only churp2 giving us money,, blin too!!! how cool is that??? :D

alhamdulillah,, akhirnya,, lepas more than 2 weeks waiting for my beloved laptop to come back to me,, here it is,,,, in front of me,,, and i am hitting the buttons on it,, how cool is that??? very the very cool ok,, kih3,,,,

berapa kena cas??? RM20 only for the software sebab software tak de warranty,,, yang ditukar adalah motherboard dengan hard disk,, wah,,, my laptop is like a new laptop la now,, huuhuuu,, alhamdulillah sekali lagi,,, :D

before dapat tu,, awal-awal lagi aku dah buat hal,, tak bawak receipt,, hehe,,, sorry la akak,, saya bukan sengaja pun,,, but your worker already know me la,, dont worry too much la ahkak k,,, it is proven mine already  :D tapi,, i can't deny that IT WAS INDEED MY FAULT!!! HEHEHE,,, mukmin!!! jangan nak kata aku nyanyuk!!! grrrr,,,,,,

as this is the first time aku guna warranty ni,, so,, aku snapped service form,, seriously aku pun don't even know why aku nak glamourkan service form ni,,, tapi yang pasti,, memang tulisan engineer pun seteruk tulisan doktor ek,,, golongan doktor yang dimention not including my mother's hand writing k,, coz i love her hand writing so very much,,,, it is similar to mine i guess,, hehe

yang buat aku tak menahan bangga kembang kempis hidung adalah,,, the word royal tu di situ,, see??? so,,, am i in one of the royal family members now????