Tuesday, September 11, 2012

having different ways of expressing

now,, it is not only churp2 giving us money,, blin too!!! how cool is that??? :D

hari ni macam mana nak cakap ek,,, bila ada yang cakap on the face,,, haissy,,,, ni buat mak sontap  weh,,, ni boleh buat high blood pressure to increase lagi,,,

'weh muja, aku tak suka ko la'

wah,,, tersentak gak la sebab aku straight terpikir,,, dah lama kot aku tau,,, dah berzaman,, tak kan la baru sekarang nak mention,,, can't deny,,, it hurts,,, :)

'eh,, ko ingat aku suka ko ke? boleh la boleh blaaaa lalalala'

 hal ini macam biasa,, people don't like other people who are heading to different routes of life,, to make in easier to say,,, people don't like other people who have different opinions, unlike theirs,,,

'hey,,, don't you expect everybody to love veges when they actually love meat,,,'

we are different
we have different opinions
we have different missions and visions to achieve
we have different ways to express our feelings
we have different interest
we are different in sexual orientations
we are different in talents
we are different in managing our lives
we are different in family development
we have different education background
we are different,,, THOROUGHLY.

and you expect me

to be like you,,
to say what you say,,
to use intonation of yours,,
to solve problems your way,,
to keep quiet when i have some to say,,
to agree to everything you say,,

so,, i'm afraid that,,, you just can dream on,,,, :D

because i am what i am and i don't regret loving you :D

ps- my blog is my diary,, but not for you kan? this is one of the very visible differences,,