Friday, September 21, 2012

make people believe by using persuasive speech.

now,, it is not only churp2 giving us money,, blin too!!! how cool is that??? :D

it is about persuasive speech :D

today,,, teacher muja is going to tell you all about,,, how to persuade people,, yeahhh,, do be happy now,, because,,, it will be very useful for all of us in the future,, yahooooo!!! alhamdulillah,, hehe,, so,, lets move to the tips k,, there are tips by a master lecturer tau,,, huhuu,,, so,, you better be focused k :D

am i being persuasive when i make this facial expression? will you be convinced by a confused person like this? mmmm

  • choose a subject about what you feel strongly. the reason is,, we are normal human beings,, we tend to react according to our emotions,, so,, when we say things that we are very deeply into,, we will use the correct tones,, and body gestures that are actually needed,,
  • know your facts. after choosing, we must do research or homework to ensure that we are deeply knowledgeable with what we are going to talk about. not too deep, but enough for us to answer when people ask us about the topic. tak de la gagap on stage nanti kan,,
  • open our speech by stating our belief,, our belief can also be in the form of stand, hope, intention, objective, actually,, it is what we actually want to convey to the listeners,, yess,,, for example, when i say, 'muja is cute' then i give the reasons,, muja is cute is my stand.
  • give reasons for our belief. yes,,, this is when we start to talk about the actual contents of our speech. usually we would have more than 3 reasons so that people will be convinced that what we are saying is the truth,, kalau satu je,, sape nak caye kan?
  • tailor our speech. tailor? hehe,, it means we have to decorate our speech. maybe we can use video clips, songs, so that it will attract people's attention. giving a speech is all about attracting their attention right? :D
  • keep it short. study shows that human beings can only focus to the maximum for two hours. so, don't get too carried away by your feelings when giving speech. it will be a total waste. don't elaborate things. make it short but full of contents.
  • use the correct tone and body language. be persuasive, not aggressive. people don't like people who are fierce and forceful. use the right stress on certain things. should know the tricks to attract their attentions and make them interested to listen.
  • use word pictures. nowadays, people love to use speech aids to enhance their performances. so that the speech becomes more colourful and interesting. make the slide, words, pictures simple yet interesting. simple but interesting is the key phrase.
  • summarise the speech when it comes towards the end. it is some kind of conclusion. yup. make it just a phrase should be enough as an ending. this will describe the whole picture of what our speech is all about when we have a summary.
  • lastly, as the real conclusion, we can recommend some improvements to what we talk about. plus we can include our hopes too so that people know our real objective of standing in front of them.
so,,, get rid of stage fright,, be proud,, be confident with your speech,, make people believe and you will achieve the objectives :D



  1. Assalammualaikum muja!!! Rindu muja! hahahaha.

    Oh, tekejot cek tgk gmbr terkejot muja,ekkk, heh3.

    Muja, course muja mesti ada banyak kena berucap kan? Hurm, lana tambah skit muja dari point2 kt atas, eye contact dgn audience.

    Kalau ikut pnglmn lana berucap, pandangan mata kita kalau boleh, biarlah dengan rasa yakin, percaya diri, pandang org depan kita bila bercakap. pandang sungguh2, smpai tembus pn tak pa,keh3.

    Eye contact ni sbhgn body languange tadi lah..bila pndg seseorg dgn sungguh2, scra tak lngsg, org tu akn rasa, ada hubungkait dengn yg berucap. eh, cmna eh..buat seseorg tu rasa, dia mmg diperlukan disitu. Eh, maaf la muja, tak tahu nak explain.. tpi muja kan pndai, mesti tahu dah benda ni ^_^

  2. saya pernah ada assignment yang kene buat persuasive speech ni.. dan alhamdulillah ramai yang suka dan kebetulan waktu tu saya persuade audience saya untuk beli ubat cerdik yang dibuat oleh mak ayah saya.. so ada jugaklah orang yang beli..maka makna disitu saya sudah berjaya persuade orang.. hehehe
    bangge.. pastu terus dapat full mark dari lecturer :)

    1. tahniah bk,, muja pun harap sangat dapat markah penuh daripada lecturer ni,, hehe,, doakan ye :D