Saturday, October 06, 2012

an independent girl can go back home ALONE.


i don't know why but i really want to tell you guys all about what i experienced last thursday,, ok,, last thursday,, like usual,, i went home from this stressing study environment of ipg,, i thought ti wouldn't go back this week and still,, i did,, the excuse was; i am running out of my T3 facial cleanser.

so,,, i still had to go back home,, just to fetch it,, i crossed my mind too; was I creating excuses to go home? hahaha,,, i think i am right :D i was fasting for my last fasting day replacement,, haha,, fortunately for me,, my class ended at around two,, i went back to my room, had a shower, and went straight to the bus stop,, fortunately again,, i saw yah waiting for bus too,, chatting with a girl made me not realize that actually we were waiting for the bus,, wasn't that great? to have a buddy to be with us to do something most people hate the most; waiting.

not long after that,,, bus crossed inf front of us, THANKS TO ALLAH,, no need to wait too long today like usual,, i went to kb,,, upon reaching kb,, i was so grateful to see bus no 3 waiting for me to go to pasir puteh,, but,,,, you know what,, this week's journey in the bus taking me home was the most memorable one,,, i got into a bus, full of people.. mostly guys,, i didn't get a chance to sit until the remaining of the journey was about 10 minutes,, i was fasting,, the air conditioner was not working,, the bus kept stopping,, my nose couldn't even breath well,, it was hot for the first 45 minutes and when i was just about to reach selising it started raining,, how could things become worse than that day???

upon reaching home,, i was so grateful to see my mother,, safe and sound in her working room,, food was prepared for me to break my fast,, tq umi,, you as usual,, are the best mom in the world,,, despite being busy from sun starts to show until moon takes it turn,, she still remembers me,, and i remember her too,, i love you my doctor umi!!! muahhhxxxx!!!!

today,, i took it from my shower room,, and still,, i left my T3 Mycin,, how can i be this forgetful???? can anybody tell me why???? and again,, i will use T3 MYCIN as the reason to go home this following week,, mm,, i have another feeling,, maybe,, ALLAH wants me to go home,, that's why HE made me forget to bring along T3 MYCIN,, dont't you think so?? :D

i hope all of you can pray for me so that i won't be nyanyuk before age 50,, please3!!!!


  1. kn tdk ke t3 ni klu ble muka ok.kita stop dye akn btmbh naik...dgr2 laaa..iyka pn xps

  2. muja ni maybe kene buat note dekat hp supaya tak lupa ni..