Wednesday, October 10, 2012

first succeeded cutting,, :D

now,, it is not only churp2 giving us money,, blin too!!! how cool is that??? :D

hye3!!! adess,, bila ek last aku update blog ni dengan jayanya,, alamak,, 2 or 3 days ago!!! ish,,, i failed,,, seriously,, for the 100th time kot,, but,, i will get up for the 101st time k,, hehe,,, actually,,, this has been a very long pending post that i want to publish to you all,, but,, hehe,, i am shy la,,, just want to share with you a masterpiece,, what kind of masterpiece???? ok,,, masterpiece on cutting a picture from a picture using photoshop,, kuang3!!!

don't laugh! don't be cynical ok,, it may seem easy,, very easy to you,, those who are used to do this very-tough-take-a-lot-of-time work,,, but for me,, i takes ages for me to crop a girl's face from the original picture!!!! yes,, it is the truth and i really am not kidding!!! i faced few failures first before i succeeded producing this picture below,,, tadaaaaaaaaaaaa...

this is buvana,, my one and only indian classmate in my class,, she asked me crop her picture because she loves this picture of hers and i love it too dear!!! :D berjaya tak aku crop this pic?? even though still kind of messy and has sharp edges here and there,, i am glad and satisfied,, seriously,, huhu

tq to her that i finally be able to produce one cropped picture,, without her request,, i won't start and i will not feel this feeling of satisfaction when i see the result,, still not really smooth enough but,, i will try harder,,, it would be better one day,, insya ALLAH,,

ps- my current wish is i want to design my own header using a cropped picture myself :D



  1. perlu byk bersabar bila crop gambar ni...
    tahniah muja... lepas ni kena usaha lebih supaya gambar yg di crop nampak lebih cantik... :)

  2. Adakah Buvana menggunakan dialek Kelantan? :)

  3. wahhh .. tahniah2 :) but nice try ,,

  4. saya bab2 crop ni tau.. tapi nak padamkan tu kemain payah.. satu hari nak siapkan padam2 background je.. huhu