Tuesday, October 16, 2012

imam muda asyraf in this glorious IPGKKB

now,, it is not only churp2 giving us money,, blin too!!! how cool is that??? :D

lately ni,, i feel so lucky and fortunate for being in this ipgkkb because i have met many personalities here,,, in ipgkkb,,, hari tu i had AIMAN AZLAN giving speech in our hall,,, you can read about it HERE<< click.. then last night jumpa pulak dengan IMAM MUDA ASYRAF,, huhu,, see? how can a girl be luckier than me? to be able to meet two handsome, gorgeous, nice, religious men in not more than 3 months,, o no,, don't grow the jealousy,,, it is just,,, i am luckier than you,, haha...

honestly speaking,, i have never watched program imam muda,, i have just known about IM ASYRAF when people were talking about him coming here,, to this ipg,, banners with his picture lama amat hung here and there,, lama dah,, and i was like,, who is this in the picture??? la,, he is the winner for the FIRST SEASON OF IMAM MUDA PROGRAMME,, mmm,, handsome,, hahaha,, then i told mz,, min,, malas la rasa nak pergi,, bang!!!! kena marah,, ok,,, repenting now,, hehe.. mz dah bagi warning awal2,, muja, he is married,, what??? so what?? wekkkk kat ko la mz!!

dalam malas nak pergi pun,, i went jugak because nanti kena denda,, naya,,, in addition,, curiosity grew in my,, how good is this IM ASYRAF... best sangat ke sampai he was announced as the winner,, bukan calang-calang tu,,, tapi,, kalau aku ngantuk malam ni,, confirm,, he is not really qualified enough,, kalau dia boleh wat my eyes terbuntang luas along the journey,, ok,, he would be the best,,, lalala,,, aku masa tu memang prejudice,, yes,, i admit it,, sorry,,, sorry,,, sorry,, :'(

alang, muja, diah, mirah
while waiting,, ok,,, 1 2 3 cheese!!!! :D

once he started his speech,, he proved that he is capable of what he is doing.. he told us sirah Nabi Muhammad SAW and his strong fighters who were willing to fight for him and Islam... he told us his experiences going to a meeting with those transgenders.. he told us about an Imam who his voice when reciting the ALQURAN can make people who don't even understand what he is saying cry,,, he told us about a professor who told that 30% of students listening to his lecture are actively doing sexual activity even though they laugh when he mentioned about sexual activity,, and a lot more,, IM ASYRAF is a story teller,, he is an experience sharer,, and i am now officially his fan :D

handsome jugak ye this married imam muda asyraf,, kih3,, through out his speech,, we laughed a lot,, we've got a lot of knowledge,, we've realized a lot of things,, we listened a lot,,, memang,, he is a handsome, humorous guy with brain,, he doesn't talk and talk without knowing what he is talking like many other men,, his charisma,, his character,, really catches our focus and attention,,, alhamdulillah :D

i just can't forget his pantun,, more or less sounded like this

cik adik baju kuning, buat abang pening
cik adik baju biru buat abang keliru

hahaha,,, seriously dewan macam nak pecah ngan gelak kitorang,, time tu,, no cover cover dah,, memang terburai dah gelak kitorang,, lawas amat,, he is so funny,, mm,, ciri-ciri guys with lots of admirers,, his wife should be extra careful i guess,, kih3,, even a transgender once said to him, ' ustaz ni caring la,,' sekali lagi our hall nearly boomed,, hahaha

first time aku tulis benda camtu atas gambar,, kih3,, habis edit nak kasi clear gambar ni,, kui3,,

jarang-jarang this hall of us boleh nampak penuh macam ni,, and this is all because of him,, his words,, and his speech,, tq for meeting us IM ASYRAF,, we really appreciate it..

once 'falling in love' with somebody tu,, confirm la habis benda we check it out about him right,, aku pun godek-godek google,, then,, check it out what i have found out..

Muhammad Asyraf bin Mohd. Ridzuan

13 Februari 1984 (26 tahun)

Tasik Gelugor, Pulau Pinang.

KERJAYA- Pendakwah

Diploma Maahad Tahfiz Pulau Pinang,  Sarjana Muda Usuluddin dan Fiqh Universiti Malaya

Berkahwin pada tahun 20110

Nur Husna binti Yusoff

seriously,, hei is a super duper romantic husband,,
urrgghh,, jealous,,
nak gak husband cam ni,,
SUMBER- http://www.utusan.com.my/
that is all for this entry,, wait for my entries for the preparation for my exam,, korang pun boleh sama-sama study English with me :D



  1. wah...bestnya..jumpa imam muda depan2..

  2. Im asraf pernah datang u kitorang.masa mula2 tu malas nak pergi tapi disebabkan program wajib, so kena pergi jugak. bila 1st dengar intro pun dah menarik hati, terus dengar sampai habis :)

  3. tiba2 nampk gambar dia n wife.. sweet je :-)