Wednesday, October 10, 2012

mcd ku mcd mu jua

now,, it is not only churp2 giving us money,, blin too!!! how cool is that??? :D

hye you guys!!!! wah,,, for soooooooo very long ive not been uploading latest pics on my blog,, anybody wants to see my latest pics??? of course there must be somebody,, mz namanya,, haha,, lets check them out!!! :D tajuk entry: mimi punya idea,, kuikutkan aja,,

ok,, like this,, yesterday,,, mcd at our pantai timur area just opened,, so,, today,, we went there to become sort of 100 first customers.. LOL.. even no presents given for achieving the award,, at least we can brag to others

'weh,, aku antara orang first jejak kaki kat mcd lawa lagi hot berkonsep baru kat kawasan pt tu tau walaupun hanya dapat belon rege 2o sen :D'

dengan penuh bangga dan angkuh sekali,, ngeh3,, lupa lak,, aku sebenarnya berhasrat juga nak boycott mcd ni,, but still i go there,, again and again and again,, urgggghhh!!!! sorry palestinian,, i become restless when remembering the sauce used at mcd,, said alang,, hehe,, alang is mcd's no 1 fan you know,, if i asked her, ' alang, jom gi kfc' alang will definitely answer, 'huh, what is there in kfc to brag about??? mcd is the final answer' me- like daaaaa,,,, kat kfc ada krusher hokey,, wekkk

they are the apples of my heart,, my dearest classmates,, awesome classmates,, whenever you have problems,, call them,, they will definitely be there for you,, confirmed! :D

alang, annadiah, arieff, fizah, azizi

today, alang and 1 sat at different tables,, sedey,, because she went there first in azizi's car,, i went there guna kete prebet je,, siapala kita,, tak de driver,, huhu,, sadis amat,, seriously i felt awkward without her to manja-manja nak kena ketuk time dining at the restaurant,, yela,, rasa macam tak biasa dah alang tak de,, tapi,, i know,, alang still loves me much even thought not the most,, aku kalah la nak compare ngan annadiah and azizi,, grr,,, trying to be better than them,, hehe,, :P 

these were bought out of my insanity,,, what???? i actually ate all these in less than half an hour just now??? o no!!! this regret is killing me inside and outside,,, after plus minus half an hour,,, everything was done doing,,, lalala,,, my friends, 'muja??? dah habis??? can you suggest how to get rid all those killer fats and sugars inside my digestive system now??? maybe 5km running tomorrow will be enough,, and only if i have enough spirit to do it. dem!!!! 

ok,, despite being regret,, this spicy chicken mc deluxe is my favourite,, crunchy amat dia punya chicken meat too,,, lovely,, kraaakkkk,, it sounds when i bit it,, o so nice!!! why much chefs ever exist in this world??? kan elok if they don't exist,, then we will eat all the not delicious food and be healty because,,, healthy food are not delicious food. agree? :D

my must-have chicken porridge when eating at mcd,, since i first had it if im not mistaken in the year 2007,,, when i was in form 3.. add pepper 2 or 3 packets,, eat without noticing the warning saying, 'careful, it is hot' no no no,, i don't feel the heat when i eat,, i only feel the food,,, the tastiness of it,, that's all.. hot??? naaaaahhh,, i am cool,, :D

lepas makan proses membajetkan diri yang hudus adalah hot started,,, see the proof above la,, mz kata all my pics on my blog seem gedik,, is it true?? :'( gedik is the word i take as a complement,, don't worry,,, gedik means,, i am still a GIRL,, lalalala,,, you,,, girls are gedik,, that is nature and a fact,,, a fact cannot be changed over time ok,, :P

me and alang,, even tak gi sama-sama,, we still could snap pics together kan,, hehe,,, love alang much!!! :D this is my favourite feature in this new mcd,,, this wall is very interesting to look at,, i haven't finished reading all the words written yet,, but,, ala,, mcd ni is so near to my ipg,, don't worry,, i have another four years to finish reading them,, have i ever mentioned how crazy i am over pink colour??? crazy crazy crazy,, too much,, and when pink matches with black i can spend a very long time just looking at it,, so beautiful and serene,, love it much!!! :D

quite a scenery isn't it??? :D

me and my beloved roommate, ain,,, love yaaaah!!!

i took away this thing,, macam sedap je,, :D

those yang gila kuasa,,, yana, muja, ada.

ada: abang, nak belon.
waiter: nak berapa?
ada: nak tiga.
waiter: ok. tunggu jap ek,,, (came with three balloons in his hand few minutes later)

ada,, i have a question for you
'ada,,,,, how old are you??????'

which one is rounder??? my face or my balloon?? you'd better think carefully before answering because you might regret it later :D

true??? my face is slimmer right,, thank you you all,, i love you la,,, hehehehe,,,

ada, yana, mimi, ju.. i love this pic. among the pics which still looks nice without me inside it :D

ps- bila la nak ada dominos kat kelantan ni,,, want to be the first customer to step in its building pulak,, hehe,, :D



  1. Salam muja! Lana pun tak pernah lgi makan burger bakor,hahaha.

    Sian kan? (=.=)

    Bertambah kesian bila tgk muja makan sambil berjimba ngan kawan. Orang dah la nak makan samurai burger, tpi tak smpai2 lagi ke kes la ni.

    Minggu ni mesti gi jugak!

  2. hihi...

    eksaited tul adik2 bwh umur nih ngan opening mcd yek..!


    nway , apple pie tu sedap kan..!
    sedap mkn panas2.
    kak dayah klu drive thru selalu kasik cukup duoploh hengget sbb nak dptkan apple pie free...hikhik...

  3. kalau sebut mcd.. beger dia lah sedap kan...

    tp akak tingin nak mkn beger bakar yang org duk post dlm fb tu... hihii

  4. mcd ada kt pc? ala. takpemes dh la WCY. hahaha

  5. ha...seronok ye jadi 100 customer..

    dapat makan mekdi tuh.. akk lama tak makan mekdi ..jum muja banje akk... hehehhehe

  6. mcd punya beger mmg terbaik....peberet huslah tu time berger....adeh..tgu ry cina baru mau mariii

  7. fara nampak muja berminat utk pakai Premium Beautiful corset kat blog FL.
    kalau nak tahu details, boleh email me at :)

  8. best dpt kawan yg ohsem... ekke.. alorr.. nak cikit mcd... ^_^

  9. mana saya punya?? huh! ni yang nak marah ni..hahaha

  10. bestnya dapat makan McD reramai. Bro selalu makan sensorang, kenkadang makan berdua.

    Kenkadang makan dalam kereta je

  11. eh, samala kita!
    sy sgt suka spicy chicken mcdluxe n bubur ayam!

    nk sihat, kurus, gmok, cntek or jana pendapatan? contact me! :)

  12. mcd pun dekat ngan tempat saya. hehe.

  13. mekdi tu faveret saya.. kalau makan setiap hari pun tak nyesal.. hehehe