Friday, October 12, 2012

our very first not-so-annual batch dinner :D


hye3!!! wah,, i really thank today's ipg wifi for being so nice to me,, not need for me to use broadband nor p1 nor unifi to upload photos,, tonnes of them into my blog,, toceiiiii!!!!:D

ok,,, yesterday,, 11th october 2012,,, we,, TESL STUDENTS, BATCH JUN 2011 INTAKE,, had our very first dinner,, is it annual? i really don't know because,, this is our third semester studying here,, so,, this is our second year,, can it be considered annual? mmmm,,, let's wait for the next year,, it will be decided whether last night was our annual dinner or just our dinner :D




8.00 PM-11.30 PM


syanim, syamimi, ain, muja, fizah, diah
the starting of our journey,, ok,, hotties,, take photos first,, lepas ni confirm dah selekeh bagai,, so,, why don't we start now kan,, time make up tak cair lagi,, time bibir masih mampu tersenyum,, time  we can still open our eyes,, jap agi confirm ngantuk,, hehe,, smile,, cheeesssseeee,, click!!! beautiful!!!! :D jendela di belakang adalah jendela toilet,, harap maklum.

aku start membajet,, i like taking pictures of me myself.. i don't know why,, i still don't consider myself as a cam whore as i still can eat a lot without taking pictures every single minute unlike other cam whores,, i can still eat to my heart's content without taking pictures of the food,, but still,, when i have my camera in my hand,, i prefer to take my own picture with it,, ok,, aku bajet hot,, i know. :(

alang, muja, yana
at last i can stand and look almost at similar height with these two tall important people in my life,, dorang 160 ++ cm, aku 157cm,, confirm la i will be the bridge in the middle but,, thanks to ALLAH for giving my my i-think-4-inches shoes for me to wear last night,, haha,,, bajet model sangat i olz semalam,, jangan salahkan i tau,, salahkan kaki yang sanggup sakit asal tinggi,, ptuii.. 

despite using very high-heeled shoes,, i am still shorter than them??? what must i do??? yana is my desk mate,, grrrr... fortunately in class we sit on the chair,, can you imagine me standing beside her using flats,, bagaikan klcc dengan terrace house la jawabnya,,, no no no,,!!!! i want a model's height too,, like yana,, hehehe,, alaa,, dia baka omputeh,, me? a truly deeply malay,, how can we be the same,, i know,, this is a statement to sedapkan hati,, dem!

me the photographer,, me inside the photo
proven,, i love to picture take alone,, me and my self,, mehahahahaha,,, bajet memodelkan diri,, maybe i can be a model tak cukup inci one day,, who knows kan? lalala,, wekkk,, nak berphoto shoot bile dah kawin nanti boleh tak? kih3,, i love cameras!!! now,, getting a DSLR camera would be incuded in my wish list,, hehe,,

ada, zatul, muja, laila, pika, mia
i have to list down all the names in case i forget,, like daa,, i am a very forgetful girl,, and i notice that this disease is becoming worse and worse everyday,, please,, do pray for me to overcome this weakness,,  :'(  i am the only TESL 2 student in the pics,, the others are from TESL 1,, after all,, we are TESLIAN,, united, we become strong. separated, to the drain we go,, :P  

muja, alang
this semester,, we started to become close,, see our jubahs? almost similar kan? yes,, we bought them the same day at FIRST LADY, KB MALL,, kih3,, she was the one yang nak we wear jubah,, ok,, i follow you la dear,, then,, there we were,,, wearing jubah in CROWN GARDEN HOTEL,, a new hotel built in KB,, :D

khalida, muja
she is the beauty queen of our class,, lawa kan? i wrote about her birthday few days ago,, you can read it HERE,,, she is the sweetest,, the most pampered girl in our class,, her 'hubby' loves her so much,, sometimes jealousy overwhelms gak,, yela,, 'hubby' saya jauh nun di sana,, kui3,, sadis tol,, ok,, mode cari future husband budak ipg course pendidikan Islam,, macam yang abah nak,, haha

ada, muja
ada,, the one and only girl yang ada similar habit with me,, she loves to wear long shawls!!! but now she prefers bawal more and leaves me to be alone,, and dia gak la yang boleh je pakai yang different than others,, and we are not attention seekers k! we just like it to be different.. :D high five k,,, kih3,, jealous jugak ngan ada because she knows how to belit2 better than me,, grrrrr... teacher, can you be my shawl-wearing teacher? boleh la boleh la,, kih3

i love this picture,, yes,, the flowers really caught my eyes :D

muja, syanim
ku croppedkan gambar ni untuk buatkan hanya ada kita berdua,, see? how romantic i can be actually,,, but,, a lot of people just cannot appreciate it,, pity them,, :P

diah, muja, fizah
both of them were dressed up the shawls by me,,, nice tak? ok la kan? huhu,, bangga bila i got to see them look nice in my own way,, yang sadisnya bila anak murid looked nicer than the teacher!!! urrrggghhhhh!!! i was so pissed off,, gigit sudu tak nak kena epilepsy. huh.

muja and the handsome azizi,,
caution: don't look at his eyes!!! or you will be enchanted. :D

muja, fizah, alang
may our ukhuwah remain forever

amsyar and muja
handsome tak 'future husband' ku itu??? hahaha,, kidding!!! don't get me wrong k,, he is my friend only laa,, grrr,, pantang tol nampak bergambar ngan laki,,, terus dikatanya bf,, huh,, y don't kita cakap je "eh,,, dorang dah kawin la,,, alhamdulillah" kan elok bersangka baik? but in my case,, we are friends,, only friends,, opppsss!!! who sent me a message? look at my hp,, haha,, can you guess who? :P

muja, amsyar, diah, buvana
don't you think amsyar and diah look good together? hik3,, ok,, lets start spread the rumors guys!!!! this is hot!! hot rumor,, and still,, it is still a rumor,, :(

whose hand is that???
it is my hand,, kih4,, only me and arieff ate using our hands in the event,,, i just prefer to eat using my right hand,, it is a sunnah,, it is good for our health too,, but most of all,, at least,,, i can show my big big love towards NABI MUHAMMAD SAW by following his doing,,, i hope this helps to increase my accumulation of pahala too,,, hehe

who is he??? he is madam jun's son,, susah amat for me to snap his pic,, you can see his reluctance right? hehe,, but still.. i got you boy!!! :D sayang,,, do you remember him? the one we met at kfc during our date,,,? hahaha,,, he caught us,, remember?? kih3

mr roslan and me
alhamdulillah,, he came to our dinner at last,, puas pujuk ni,, haisssy,, and,,, he wore the kopiah too,,, kih3,, kopiah pun kopiah la sir,, most importance is your presence,, i really appreciate it,, you efforts to come,, and to follow our theme,,, he wore black trousers, red baju melayu, white kopiah,, isn't he cool to have those colours on just for us? his students,, perhaps his BELOVED students... hahaha,,,

muja, intan
intan is from tesl 3,, cantik kan? oit hidayat, do you remember her? your beloved girlfriend's best friend,, and now,,, she is my friend,, lalala,,, cantik kan? i love her skin so flawless,, memang patut la dia jadi beauty queen,, hehe

muja, madam jun
madam is my language description lecturer,, kecik je kan,, haha,, cute much!!! it is a good thing to have such a small sized body like her taw,,,, she seems like us at her age now,, remains young for the life time,, who won't want that right? :D

muja, madam jun, diah, ada, buvana
gila camera is us :D

fizah, khalida, ain, amirah, mimi, syanim, an, ju
they are my class's representatives,,, they sang few songs,,, mz, i didn't sing just because of you,, you don't want me to sing kan in front of the crowd kan? hehe,,, i didn't sing,,, for you,, you should be proud!!! be proud now!!! it is an order!!! :P alamak,, teringat time i sang that song for you on phone,, ko dah lupa kan? eh,, belum ek,,, hey orang tua!!! lupakan jela!!! alamak,, rasa malu menyerang,, alamak!!!!! aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

muja, mr zul, diah, ada

fadil, muja

muja, mirah

the scenery

diah, azita, muja

banyak benda yang berlaku time dinner ni,,, mr zul yang just couldn't stop eating... boys danced the oppa gangnam style,,, hakim didn't remember the songs.. madam nuri sang,, malay dance,, chinese dance,, indian dance.. guitars,, musics,, bows,,, hot beautiful girls,,, smart looking guys,, the list goes on and on,, :D

ps- i hope this dinner will be annual :D


  1. sakan sungguh dia bergambar ek..

  2. penuh gbr!n tingginye die!hihu

  3. penuh gbr!n tingginye die!hihu

  4. penuh gbr!n tingginye die!hihu

  5. penuh gbr!n tingginye die!hihu

  6. Milik siapakah gadis ini, wajah lembut bagaikan sutera. Hahaha. Ini lirik lagu ye. ;)

  7. cantik lah..!

    suka sangat...!

    sumer org pun wearing nice..

    syok cuci mata..hihi..

  8. amboi meriah ye majlis tuh..
    lawa baju awk muja :)

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