Tuesday, October 02, 2012

tq maria elena for introducing this. :D


hye korang,,, wah,, i started writing for this entry at 7.25 am,,,!!! unbelievable? believe it yooo,,  wah,, ape ni,, huhuuhu,,, i found out about THIS WEBPAGE from AKAK MARIA ELENA OHSEM,, korang kenal kan,, alaaa,,, blogger suka buat muka hudoh walaupun cantik macam bebebidadariririri tula,,, happynya tengok KAK MARIA ELENA sekarang,, future bride-to-be la katakan,, hehehe.. 

she is my idol instead of britney spears,, hehehe..
she inspires me instead of rihanna,,,
she charms me instead of justin bieber
i am enchanted by her instead of edward cullen,, huhu..

eh,, sudah melencong! so,, today i am going to share with all of you about MYSTARJOB. back to the real world buddies,,, :P

back to the main topic,,, it is about MYSTARJOB,, it is actually about a webpage for those educated jobless people,, hey!!! this is actually the page you are looking for!!! come visit yooo!!!! here here here!!! ok,,, this is not an ad from CHURP2 nor SAYS,, tapi kalau korang nak join click la HERE and HERE k,, huhu,, sempat lagi tu promote untuk jadi referral korang,, hehe....

this MYSTARJOB is very very the very convenient for you guys,, like seriously,,, i am enchanted,, kalau la tak memikirkan i am tied to the contract to become a teacher once graduated,, memang i will definitely try to apply jobs from this page,, what i like about this page
  • page dia macam colourful sangat,,, i loike la you,,
  • then,, dia ni sangat useful for those yang dah penat-penat study tapi dok goyang kaki je kat umah sebab tak dapat job offers,, sedey tau,, penat kot study,, grrr
  • then,, dia ni ada CAREER TEST!!! Woowwww!!!
career test ni la yang buat aku jadi ter fall in love with this page as once upon a time,, i did not know what to become in the future,,

a doctor??? naaahhh,, hate biology
a mathematician??? darjah 5 pun tak pernah dapat A
engineer??? adess,, maths lagi,,,
a lawyer??? naaah,,, afraid to be at the bad side.
a teacher??? 
it is fated already that i will be one like my father,, maybe a better one,, hehe

so,, for those yang still pening-pening ayam thinking what to be tuuu,, CLICK HERE k,, and find out,, it is so dem easy and simple,, just click click click to answer the questions,, then,, you are blissfully done,, easy kan? angguk angguk,, :D

want to see what i should become according to the career test???

i actually should become an adventurer,, climb Tahan mountain like when i was in form 4,,, Then,, i should be a charmer!!! errr,, what is this? do i know how to charm all of you..... i doubt this,, hahaha,, maybe,, i will charm one person to be my hubby one day,, hik3,, mood gatal menyerang!!! hahaha

so,, for those yang still looking for jobs,, do visit MYSTARJOB,, rezeki ada di mana-mana but it depends on how we work to gain it,, chow!!! adios amigos!!!

ps- mm,, kontrak 5 tahun je,, then,, aku boleh je berenti jadi cikgu kan, aissshhh,, nampak sangat ketidakikhlasan di situ,, no no no.. i want to contribute for my future generations,, insya ALLAH,, amiin,, :D


  1. TQ share ... nk g terjah jap ^^

  2. maklumat yg bagus utk mereka yg cr kerja ni :-)

  3. hihik.nk try bt career test tu lah

  4. dh bt. mai dpt thinker . pastu job dalam healthcare.wahhhhh sesuai kos mai study skrg.... thanks muja tunjuk menda alah ni.haha

  5. nak kerja.. nak kerja.. ngee..^_^ tq sharing..

  6. sila terjah sesapa yg tgh nk cari keje..

  7. salam nur.
    Salam kenal dari tirana aduka

  8. Ade jugak baca kat blog Eyriqazz.. :)

  9. lepas habis belajar nanti, saya nak cuba nasib dekat sinilah :)