Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ways to resolve conflicts in a multi-racial country in an amicable way

now,, it is not only churp2 giving us money,, blin too!!! how cool is that??? :D

yesterday, our lecturer asked us to write an essay based on the question written above,, so,, rasa macam nak share with all of you,, especially my friends who are going to sit for our exam starting from 29th oct 2012.. it is sooon!!! so,, lepas ni rasanya,, entry aku related to exams jela,, kalau sudi,, read,, if rasa bosan,, don't read,, you are forgiven,, hehe,,


  • an example of a multi-racial country, Malaysia. (easy to talk about something you know a lot about compared to the aliens right? as a malaysian,, of course i choose Malaysia as the focus for this type of question.)
  • then, introduce the readers to the contents of the essay. (tell them that we are going to talk about resolving conflicts in a multi-racial country amicably.)
  • hold frequent, continuous discussions between races- have representative for each race- list out the demands and unsatisfactory- try to look for solving methods- compromise and accommodate when deciding the decisions.
  • make use of the education system- children is the building block- educate at very young age is easier- let them build relationships- mingle and mix regardless of their races- have more national schools, not vernacular schools
  • make use of mass media- very influential in molding the nation- make them realize that we are sharing the same country- tell people what we get when united and what we lose when the unity is broken
  • educate the elders especially parents- closest to the children- most influential people for the children- imitated by the children- most believable for the children- tell that all are Malaysians- tell to avoid even the slightest problems and try to solve wisely
  • everybody has his or her role
  • should start for the beginning of one's life
  • should collaborate
okaylah,, i just give the points that i wrote in my essay,, takkan la nak bagi full essay kot kan,,

ps- i rather give a fishing rod rather than fish to people who i love very dearly..



  1. tips yang baik untuk mereka yg ambik exam..untuk akak..simpan je la dulu,mana tau boleh guna nanti..ngeee~

  2. pergh..macam memeningkan je tu...

  3. Salam.

    Muja..kalau kena cara, entry ni boleh jadi sumber SEO tuk blog muja.
    Tajuk ni kan relevan setiap masa, mana tau, especially students dari peringkat sekolah smpai U cari ni sbg sumber rujukan.. :)

  4. tengok pun dah macam peningggg lagilah nak buatnya. good luck ya!

  5. Bagus.. tapi dah lama lupakan zaman belajar.. :)

  6. lama tak mengarang essay ni.hehehe

  7. nasib baik akak dah xstudy.. xyah pening2 nak buat essay lg.. hihi