Friday, November 09, 2012

masa kecik je comel


dah entry keberapa entah aku tulis hari ni,, to qada my 2 week hibernation,, kih3,,, 

hari tu aku ada tengok the film, SONGLAP. have you watched it or not??? if not, aku nak pesan, tak yah tengok pun tak pe.. tak rugi pun walaupun saheizy sam ada dalam citer tu,, ape tak nya,, stress manjang, from beginning to the end. easily said, cerita tu jenis anti climax. lalala,, first time aku comment filem orang,, haha,, tapi still, the most memorable dialogue in that film for me is

sam- masa kecik je comel (looking at a baby in the mother's hug)

do you agree with his statement??? i totally disagree,,, manusia ni,, ALLAH buat sebagai makhluk yang paling sempurna,, so,, baby ke, dewasa ke, tua ke,, manusia ni sememangnya comel and cute,, lalala

so,, for this entry,, i want to share with you to my latest addiction,,, which is to look and look again and again to their pictures,,,, whose picture????

these two cute little girls pictures,, hehehe

actually they are non-identical twins,, rarely found kan,, huhu,,, kalau yang identical tu aku dah biasa jumpa,, classmates aku pun ada yang ada twins,, asalnya tak nak share ngan korang their cute faces but,, alamak,, i forgot,, this blog is my online diary,, so,, of course my blog has to know everything about me,, tapi sebab aku ni kedekut and stingy punya pompuan,, aku share 3 je,, hahaha,, yang lain,, for me,, my only-me viewing,, kih3

aren't they cute??? 

oh,, how i wish to have cute daughters like them in the future,, but,, having twins??? maybe it will be unbearable for me,, eh,, amboi muja,,, bujang lagi dah gatal!!!! grrr,,, maybe,, like my classmate said,, it is a 20-year-old syndrome,, hahaha!!! okay. i admit, it is our own idiot theory,, lalala,, nak pretend to be a scientist comel pun tak boleh,, aiyaaaa - aiyaa is not allowed when talking to somebody i know. it sounds unlikable to him/her. but, it sounds catchy for me,, adess,, different ears, different hearing systems kot,, another theory from dr teacher muja,, amboi,, 2 titles gotten!

how can they be this cute??? 

aku rasa kalau compare ngan budak china yang konon the cutest girl in the world tu,, and kalau compare ngan miasara,,, adess,, nangis dorang,,, confirm dorang akan sedar immediately yang there are other cute girls who are far cuter than them,,, contohnya, adik aku dua orang ni lagi cute,,, even far cuter than them tau,, hahaha!!!

even how affectionate i am to those two

this girl will always be the cutest girl in the world for me,, hana, kak loves you so much!!!! muahhhhxxxx!!!!!