Saturday, November 10, 2012

ooo Britney Spears,,,,,,

now,, it is not only churp2 giving us money,, blin too!!! how cool is that??? :D

here i am,, sadis bila tengok pageview hari ni mendropkan diri dengan teruknya,, adess,,,, where are all the people,,, cuti kot,, huhu,, nasib baik la KAK LULU sudi add fb hari ni,, if not,, i should be crying now,,,

today,, i am going to talk about Britney Spears,, o come on,, you can't be serious if you said that you don't know her. She is famous with bald head once upon a time,, now you remember,, :D hehehe,,,, what about her actually? hehe,,, i just become interested with her when TEACHER AZIZI brought us the phenomenon of XFACTOR,, it is shown on FOX for Astro users,,,

when i watched XFACTOR,, i found out that Britney Spears has such a lot of fans in United State of America,, and for sure she has billions more all over the world. it is a weird thing for me actually to even imagine a girl can be such famous, that popular. many of the contestants and audience came for the XFactor audition just to see her, Britney Spears, in a real form.

there is a boy that i remember the most, he came bringing a bouquet of flowers for Britney. did he think that he really could sing as i had seen him and he was so terrible???? of course if a normal person having such a disastrous voice, he won't even consider to be part of the audition. for me, he came just to see someone he adores so much. someone he loves so much. he considers Britney as his everything,, that is why,,

for me pulak,,, i think she is worth to get the attention because she has complete package in my eyes; beautiful, confident, melodious, nice figured, content, and the list goes on and on accept for having a slight psychological problem in her old days. perhaps she had recovered totally now as she has become one of the judges in XFactor. happy to see her being an energetic her like the way she used to be.

next, i want to share with you all my one of the latest addiction; listening to Britney's old song.

"Oops! ...I Did It Again"

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 

I think I did it again
I made you believe we're more than just friends
Oh baby
It might seem like a crush
But it doesn't mean that I'm serious
'Cause to lose all my senses
That is just so typically me
Oh baby, baby

Oops!...I did it again
I played with your heart, got lost in the game
Oh baby, baby
Oops!...You think I'm in love
That I'm sent from above
I'm not that innocent

You see my problem is this
I'm dreaming away
Wishing that heroes, they truly exist
I cry, watching the days
Can't you see I'm a fool in so many ways
But to lose all my senses
That is just so typically me
Baby, oh

[Repeat CHORUS]

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

"All aboard"
"Britney, before you go, there's something I want you to have"
"Oh, it's beautiful, but wait a minute, isn't this...?"
"Yeah, yes it is"
"But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end"
"Well baby, I went down and got it for you"
"Oh, you shouldn't have"
(my favourite part of the song, it reminds me to the film, TITANIC)

Oops!...I did it again to your heart
Got lost in this game, oh baby
Oops!...You think that I'm sent from above
I'm not that innocent

ps- missing somebody is like living on a frying pas above the fire. not like hell yet.



  1. Mai sukaaaa britney .nomnomnomnom gorgeous. hihi

    1. gorgeous amat!!!!!!!! daripada somebody yang psychologically troubled,,, dapat pulak 15 juta for being a judge,,,, woww sangat!!!

  2. britney zaman akk agogo mmg minat gile.. sekarang terpkir masih tak minat britney..tapi perasan tak tahap kofinden die tinggi kan..walau jatuh , dia naik lagi sekali utk fame..

    ye dak ?