Saturday, December 22, 2012

it is me, Nurmujahidah.

It Is Me, Nurmujahidah | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh to all who are willing to read this entry to know more about me, Nurmujahidah. Oh, I am so touched. Please believe. :')

First thing first. i like to eat but i despise fat, but when i eat a lot. of course i'll be fat one day right?? so wat must i do to maintain my body but at the same time i wanna eat a lot? i remember once i heard, "abang takkan buncit sampai tua" wah!!! im wondering let's wait for another 20 years o?? muahhxxx!

My Photo

- my name means A Lady Warrior that is why i am quite a tough girl. ecececey. kih3

Place of living
- my current house is in Pasir Puteh, Kelantan. 
but i consider myself living in Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan as i study there and live in the hostel there. perhaps i will move to live in another place soon. pray for us to be happier there ok? :)

Date of Birth:
16th February 1992
- so, i am 20 this year and in the next 3 years.. hokey??? my age my taste. people say that those who were born from 1990-1999 are the last generation with common sense. eh, me included.

- this is my email made by sort of my brother Izzat. by the way i love to imagine myself as a princess. any gang here?

pada 19 disember 2012 baru tukar kepada gmail untuk blog

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aku tak suka sangat tapi aku join saje-saja

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best main google+. bagi aku, it is so much better than facebook and twitter

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they change throughout the time as i am not girl with static life. i love new things if i am allowed to try them
  1. my current hobby of course blogging. i write everything i want without asking myself, 'WILL ANYBODY BE HURT BY MY WORDS???'
  2. my previous but still my hobby is singing, what the???? it is the truth but dont worry i dont sing online :)
  3. my childhood hobby was pintal-pintal rambut. ok. i love my hair,, any problem???