Thursday, December 13, 2012

analysis of Nurmujahidah blog of 2012


for this entry, at the end of the year 2012, i want to share with you all my progress in blogging world throughout the year. i dont know whether you will be interested or not in knowing this but i just want to write this for my own reference.

before going through the analysis, i just want to tell you the analysis i have gotten is from GOOGLE ANALYTIC. i wrote a tutorial before about this. you can check it HERE. this page is very useful for us as bloggers as we for sure want to know our blog progress and GOOGLE ANALYTIC will have all the information we want. :D


i dont include January analysis as i started to put the code from GOOGLE ANALYTICS in February. the straight line shows 0 page view as i started to put the code in mid February. you see my pv for Feb only 1k. perhaps only 80 pv per day. what a start!!! fortunately, i didn't give up.


from 1K to 4K. my blog kept progressing but very slowly as i really don't know how to promote my blog. my pv arose to 4K. i didn't know about the existence of PING SITES, PING GROUPS, AUTO PING ENTRIES TO FACEBOOK. maybe at this time, i kept of joining giveaways, and segments. fortunately, i got so many gifts from bloggers. alhamdulillah. tq :D


from 4K to 6K. i am so determined to succeed in blogging you know. i want my opinions to be heard, judged. i want to share my life with everybody especially my beloved best friend, mz. i hurt him a lot but he never leaves me. i love you my friend. love is not restricted to my future husband only. but there is a possibility you will be the one kan. who knows. hahaha!!!!!!!! again, alhamdulillah.


from 6K to 3K. in May, my blog traffic dropped a lot but it was still fine for me. during this time, i was going to sit for my mock exam. so, it is not a surprise to find that my blog traffic decreased. it is not that i did not write during this time but writing without promoting is quite a waste actually. again, i didn't give up.


it decreased even further. from 3K to 1K. back to a new blog status i guess. must be because i had my recruit session during this time. fortunately, i prepared more or less 30 auto published entries so that i could update even though i was having a hard time somewhere in Kuala Krai. but the experience is worth changed with the drop int blog traffic. recruit is such a remembrance.


from 1K to 3K. alhamdulillah. it increased in July as i think my readers love to read about my experience during the recruit session. yeahhh...!!! i am now a specialized roller on a tar road. i can carry 5kg of load on my back and walk just as nicely.  an English teacher who is also a soldier. i find it quite interesting too. so full of my self. wanna read my recruit experience? here, and here. bla bla bla.


from 3K remained 3K. my traffic maintained the same like in July. but with a slight drop. it is okay. hehe



from 3K to 3K. my blog traffic does not change much right. it increased and decreased in hundreds only. i dont know. maybe readers don't prefer personal blog. maybe i am lacking of efforts in promoting. but a bigger possibility was i did not know how to become outstanding seriously. i didn't join segments at this period. i had classes to attend okay. ipg wifi? not worth used


from 3K to 3K. increased a bit. maintained similar. not much change. i am so grateful. seriously :D


from 3K to 7K. November 2012 was my lucky month. it was a holiday and i had plenty of time to promote my entries. i found my most suitable writing style. i write rhythmic entries and my readers seem to like them. i commented on other blogs. i pinged my entries here and there, leaving foot marks in almost every site i visit and it paid. from 3K, it increased to 7K. sustenance from Allah SWT. :D

From 7K to 14K. it doubled the figure in one month!!! it must be because of the newly owned domain. it is a very proud thing to see this analytics :D

i don't hope much for all of you to read this entry because it is kind of boring but it is just for me to see my blog progress. that's all :D


  1. Congrats Muja. epikir juga nak buat analisis, tp tggu hujung Dis dulu ;)

  2. @Engku Muzahadin muja pun sebenarnya nak tnggu hujung dis,, tapi rasa tak sabar lak dah nak publish,, haha

  3. @Fendy better slow la kan daripada static,, hehe

  4. info.baru tau pasal googe analytics tu. thanks ;)

  5. dah lama tau pasal google analytics tu tp skrg bila bc entry ni baru rajin nak buat :) thanks muja