Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ninetology Wall of Pledge

join exabytes here :D

Ninetology Palette i5300 (Green)
Ninetology Palette i5300 (Pink)
Ninetology Palette i5300 (White)
Ninetology Black Pearl 2 i9400 (White)
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  • The “NINETOLOGY Wall of Pledge for Responsible Blogging” Contest is organized by NINETOLOGY Marketing Sdn Bhd (The Organizer). 
  • Contest will run from 26 November 2012, 1200 Hrs (GMT +8) to 31 December 2013 2359Hrs (GMT +8) (“Contest Period”) 
  • Consists of 100 prizes in total.

Let’s Shape A Sustainable Future Together

Responsible Blogging 2013 is a national campaign initiated by Crowdpot calling upon the entire online community in Malaysia to rally for and support an ethical climate in the blogosphere for our mutual benefit. We’d love for you to join us in our year-long rally – and show that you care.
Our goal - 1,000,000 engagements; 2000 Bloggers; 9 Brands. Stand up for Responsible Blogging, and all this, within 2013.

Contest Mechanics

  • Players have to like the NINETOLOGY Facebook Page
  • Provide their registration details
  • Tell us why they are Pledging for Responsible Blogging
  • Agree to appear in the “Wall of Pledge” to be eligible
  • Once the contest starts, NINETOLOGY Marketing Sdn Bhd will choose one winner for every 999 Pledges received in the “Wall of Pledge”
Wall of Pledge presented by Ninetology is the first initiative that aims to get 99,999 people to pledge for the support of Responsible Blogging. The 99,999 pledges is a culmulative part of our big goal of 1 million engagements. That being said, for all of you who pledge will also be rewarded! Ninetology will give away a smart device to a lucky winner upon every 999 pledge. So act now!

The prize (“Prize”) includes:
  • NINETOLOGY Palette
  • NINETOLOGY Black Pearl II
  • NINETOLOGY Outlook Tablet 8GB
  • NINETOLOGY Outlook Xpress 8GB
* Prize devices are subject to change based on availability
All prizes by NINETOLOGY, is limited to one winner per NRIC number for the entire game contest period.

I pledge for responsible blogging because
  • i own what write
  • people own what they write
  • i want to show my respect towards others' works
  • i want people to respect my works
so, what are you waiting for? PLEDGE HERE NOW!!! :D

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