Tuesday, December 25, 2012

pun salah jugak?

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actually i has been a long time that i want to write this entry. it is not that i am annoyed by people who always make fun of me for writing so many entries per day. it is just i want to know, is it wrong for me to write anything i want in MY BLOG? i repeat MY BLOG.

i am not angry but i keep wondering what is wrong with me writing even thousands of entries per day pun. i wrote my first part of ways to look for ideas to write DI SINI it is not written that it is a must for everyone to read all my entries. you are not forced to read this blog. so please, if you don't like my blog, you have two options, click on the X button or open a new tab, go to your favourite blogs. i only welcome those who are willing to read my entries. i don't force people to follow my blog but i am so much happy if they love my blog.

i am a little bit sad when somebody said, orang lain nak buat blog, kau pun nak buat. boring! dasar budak baru nak naik. fuuuh. DI SINI entry tentang anonymous which i wrote before. i admit that i am a very sensitive girl. i don't cope with such criticisms very well. it brings me down and makes me moody throughout the day. seriously. that is why i didn't open commenting for anonymous before but as my blogging adviser cakap blogger kena kental, i allow them, but i still moderate the comments and i delete those hateful comments.

i am a little bit troubled last night because somebody said that he is jealous finding that i always have tonnes of ideas to update my blog. uuu... even though he has no evil feelings and i know that he just wanted to compliment me, but still, it makes me wonder. is there anybody hurt finding that my blog has many entries published even in one day. i have written tips for you to look for ideas part 2 DI SINI. why don't you have a look and try. i know it succeeds on me.

ok. it seems that this entry will be very long if i continue. chow.


  1. I love your blog because I can find a lot of information ... do not be sad, be patient .... I always support your blog ... :) :)

  2. hak menaip hak kite kan2
    banyakkn bersabr tau..

  3. jgn marah2 yer dik muja cayaangg..cool2..kang marah angry bird..;p