Saturday, December 15, 2012

sapa ghumoh aku sepak mung!!!!

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sebenarnya dah few days ago benda ni happened to me but only now i have the gut to write. aku terlalu busy mempromote GIVEAWAY FREE DOMAIN FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS, mempromote FREE BLOGGING EBOOK JANA PENDAPATAN SAMPAI 30K <<  click sampaikan entry terbaru entah ke mana. eh, padahal banyak je. korang dah baca ke pasal JULIA PEREZ THE PORN STAR? hehe

kesan breaking up is too much for me to bear. i hurts deeply. so please, don't create any relationship but a halal one. it is proven wrong. i used to have this conflict lingering in my head to continue or to discontinue the relationship but it did stopped. a non halal one. i hope to have a forever and ever relationship with halal one in the future. insya ALLAH.

ok. move to my another teaching experience. i has been a long time since my last entry about my students. right? that day, i was quite stressed having a quite a big conflict. i became more strict than ever. yeah, i was waiting for someone useless and you know how much waiting sucks. i will never wait anymore!!! wait for who??? you know who. so, i asked this one little boy to finish up what i prepared for him to write, if not he could not go home.

once class was finally ended, everybody went out accept for him. i didn't expect him to follow my instruction actually but he did. maybe sebab dia masih bebudak. baru darjah dua next year. thing got worse when his uncle, my student, going to be 12 next year, also leaving him siap ngan mocking face lagi keluar dari kelas. aku dah dapat rasa that he felt threatened. he was afraid that his uncle would leave him alone here and went home without him. kalau aku pun akan rasa macam tu jugak. hehe

suddenly!!! he closed the book, stood up very quickly, walked out of the class, looked for his uncle. his auntie was already there. she was to pick up both students home. but this young one was so mad with his uncle. he went out and hit him!!!

the mad student said 'sapa ghumoh aku sepak mung!!!!'
TRANSLATION: kalau dah sampai rumah, aku sepak kau!!!!

the young uncle kept laughing. bukannya sakit sangat kot. apa la sangat daya budak darjah dua. jahat tol la si uncle ni. kesian tau. by the way, si uncle ni pernah suruh aku mintak kebenaran untuk pukul pukul manja sikit si nephew tu daripada mak dia. see? si uncle pun tahu anak sedara dia tu pemalas. haahaa!!! tapi, niat tak menghalalkan cara. lagipun aku bukan their official teacher. baru first time kot mengajar. dorang la my first batch. takkan dah nak tunjuk taring kot. aku buat keputusan nak simpan dulu taring ni kemas-kemas. hehe

it was so a shocking experience really. i had never had a crying student before. he was my first. that was my first experience. i was scared too death takut-takut ibu dia marah but i know she won't. actually the family is a close relative of mine. and i really hope that the uncle will tell them what actually happened. i never hit or pinch my students k. it was just i want to be a little strict so that they do their works and get the works done. it is for their own good seriously. :D

in this month of December, a lot of things happened and they were all valuable for me.

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